Nokia Lumia 925 – Audio and Video Recording Test (Low-Light Video)

Nokia’s current flagship WP8 smartphone the Lumia 925 features most advanced PureView camera technology for blur-free smoother video recording and HAAC microphones for clear audio. Well, HDBlog have shared this test video- showing off audio and video recording capabilities of the handset.

Along with “floating lens” optical image stabilization system, Lumia 925’s camera module also includes a sixth physical lens – allowing Carl Zeiss optics to take in five times more light – resulting sharp, naturally colored images and 1080p HD video, even under challenging conditions. Where the dual (HAAC) High Amplitude Audio Capture Microphones allows the device to capture the full range of the sound without the distortion seen on the other handsets. Check out the below test video.

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  1. Atila

    I did a little bit of recording with my 920 over the weekend, here’s me standing about 6 meters from the amps and listen to the sound 🙂 I imagine Nokia will take the camera hardware even further, even after the EOS next month.

  2. Fakhre

    Wow… A/V quality is superb … Thanks for sharing!!!