Nokia Lumia 925 vs HTC One – Camera Test (Gallery)

Italian tech blog HDBlog have shared this photo gallery, comparing the imaging performance of Nokia Lumia 925’s PureView camera with the HTC One’s Ultrapixel.

Daylight Shots

Nokia Lumia 925 (left column) – HTC One (right column)

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N_1 H_1

N_2 H_2

N_3 H_3

N_4 H_4

N_5 H_5

Night Shots

Nokia Lumia 925 (left column) – HTC One (right column)

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N_6 H_6

N_7 H_7

N_8 H_8

N_9 H_9

So,what do you guys think,  which one is better? Let us know in your comments below!



  1. Bayu Murti

    No idea about daylight shots, but L925 win the night shots 😀

  2. amfastech

    Lumia seems better

  3. Fakhre


  4. gue

    Easily Lumia won over HTC One in all conditions

  5. Fakhre

    Check the full size images!

  6. gue

    They should put sample photos (day and night) from DSLR in order for us to see which one has the closest color to the actual.

  7. Bayu Murti

    Image 1: HTC
    Image 2: L925
    Image 3: L925
    Image 4: HTC
    Image 5: I think it’s a draw, but I prefer L925 for the leaves

  8. Hazman Amin

    lumia ftw