Nokia Lumia 928 vs iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 – Camera Shootout

Nokia’s newly launched Windows Phone 8 flagship Lumia 928 features a 8.7 PureView camera with (f2.0 lens) Carl Zeiss optics and Optical Image Stabilization, all supported with powerful Xenon flash and next generation imaging software to capture clearer, sharper pictures and videos. Well, Neowin have shared a new camera test, comparing the PureView imaging performance of Lumia 928 against two competitor flagship smartphones Samsung Galaxy S4 and Apple iPhone 5, check out the result after break.

Galaxy S4 s4_1iPhone 5

ip_1Lumia 928

l928_1Galaxy S4


iPhone 5

ip_2 ‘

Lumia 928


Galaxy S4


iPhone 5


Lumia 928


They concluded:

“Following the above tests, it became clear that the Lumia 928 is the best all-around smartphone camera of the group with the Galaxy S IV coming in second and the iPhone 5 coming in last. That’s not a major surprise for the iPhone 5, given it is the oldest of the group.

In terms of ease of use, all the phones had fast shutter speeds, but the Galaxy S IV was a bit harder to use as it does not have a dedicated camera button like the iPhone 5 and the Lumia 928.

So, of the top three devices we tested, if you are buying a phone and a camera is your top priority, the Lumia 928 is the phone for you.”

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[By Neowin]