Nokia Microsoft to Launch a Windows Flip Phone

According to latest rumors, Nokia and Microsoft might launch Windows based Flip Phone in near future. The device hardware will be designed by Nokia, where the OS will develop by Microsoft. This phone is supposed to compete both Apple iPhone & iPad.

Here is the latest concept design by designer Kristian Ulrich Larsen, showing how Flip Phone looks:

What is being creative? from Kristian Ulrich Larsen on Vimeo.

So, What do you think of the design!

[Thanks to Suraj for the heads, News Via ]

  1. Neil Ross Goco

    LOL. It seems it is not running Windows. Android maybe, look at the capacitive buttons.

  2. Sacha Obado

    yeah i will have to agree with Neil on this one.. i wa sthinking the same thing it does look more like android to be exact gingerbread judging from the status icons and the music player as well in the third image u can see on the bottom facing screen the on screen keyboard and google search and not to mention on the first image the car dock function of android..

  3. Fakhre

    Its just a concept design to give idea how a Flip Phone looks like!

  4. Fakhre

    Its just a concept design to give idea how a Flip Phone looks like!

  5. Mehul Ved

    What a joke! It is an Android concept phone
    There were more sources even before this article. That means this concept phone was out way before Nokia decided to add fuel(Windows Phone 7) to the burning platform.

  6. max korneev

    really nice concept. nokia always had nice concept videos.

  7. max korneev

    but one moment… where is nokia logo? looks like it s just a concept video of abstract phone technolgy/concept.

  8. Francesco Delfino

    At minute 1:15, the bar with the battery indicator looks different than the one of both android and wp7.
    It’s more like the the symbian one since the battery indicator is vertical and not horizontal.

    Anyway I really like the design.

  9. Johnre Monde

    It would be a great success if Nokia pulls this off. May be Nokia is planning to use Qt for WP7 and shock the competitors out there with huge success. If that happens that would be the biggest success story ever. ūüôā

  10. Joe Hickingbottom

    i would purchase this phone now. When I purcaed the n9 everyone that i know now has one. completely tossing their i phone 4, im takling over tons of people are waiting on nokias release. hopefully not the lumina meego is a great os, but who knows with this new flip i could go windows. if not then its back to apple