First MeeGo Harmattan update is coming soon, Will bring more than 3500 improvements to Nokia N9 / N950

First MeeGo Harmattan software update is in final stage, will bring more than 3500 improvements (fixes +  features) to Nokia N9 / N950 phones.

  Coach at MeeGo Devices, Project Manager at Nokia confirmed this update over his blog.:-

“While the agonizing wait was ongoing, software teams worked furiously on making the experience even better. First update release is complete, we will be distributing fruits of it to developers soon and end users a bit further down the road.

Improvements are a legion. This is due to the fact that many teams stopped the sales release work already in spring time and set their sights on the first update release. I counted around 3500 improvements (fixes or features) to be in the release. “

Check out Konttori full blog post :-

Later – Nokia Developers N9 Blog posted:

 The N9 team is in the final stages of preparing an update to the Nokia N950 image, which will align the software more with the Nokia N9 product image.

To enable a smooth upgrade to the new image N950 users should ensure that they have the latest release of the firmware on their devices (34-2 or Beta2) – SSU will fail with Beta1.  So, if you have not done it already, update to Beta2 now using theOneClickFlashers.

For more information about upgrading from Beta1 to Beta2 please also check out this webpage.

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  1. Matti Matilainen

    Was the N9 so bad upon the release that you could easily make so many improvements or do you call all the bug fixes as improvements in the godd old “apple spirit” ?

  2. Harsh Sodi


  3. Anonymous

    actually they got feedback from all the N9s out there , listened to new ideas and then batched an update which will be ready upon the release of the device thats unlike the N8 software which only got decent when they leaked Belle !

  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous

    That’s Cool!
    How many times should we waitin’ for ????