Nokia N97 Mini Firmware updated to v30.0.004 (With Official Changelog)

Finally – Nokia N97 Mini firmware updated to v30.0.004. Its previous software version was v12.0.110.

You can update your Nokia N97 mini firmware over OTA (Over-The-Air) or by using Windows PCapplications  Nokia’s Software Updater or Ovi Suite. The Nokia N97 mini does have UDP (User Data Preservation), but its always good idea to backup all of your personal data before updating the device firmware.

Official Changelog:

  • This software release brings you a new, faster version of the web browser v7.3
  • You can now search the web directly from the web address field
  • Non-Latin characters are supported in web addresses
  • E-mail comes with improved usability and account creation
  • Here and Now gives you timely information about, for example, the weather, events, or restaurants nearby.
  • You can now insert emoticons in text and multimedia messages
  • Search for a contact from the dialler, without having to open the contacts list
  • New version of Ovi Store
  • Ovi Contacts has been removed
  • There are also general performance improvements


  1. Kartik Gupta

    @symbiantweet:twitter i am a fan of ur site and i love symbian too… 😀

    Thanks for mentioning me 😀 for the heads up 🙂

  2. Fakhre

    You are Welcome dear!

  3. nokia fail, nothing for n97 32gb ….

  4. danny

    Updated OTA -> required phone restart -> phone will not start, error message. 
    I had to hard reset the device to make it start 🙂

  5. Sanchit Singhal

    In this update
    -> the e-mail app is now separate from the messaging app
    -> the dialer is now like the one in S^3 phones which quick search built in
    -> the here and now app is now in built and cannot be removed

  6. Sanchit Singhal

    but I am not able to see how I can use the “new set of emoticons”.

  7. Paulo Roberto

    nada de atualização para o meu N 97 ,32gb. brincadeira hhhhuuuuu!

  8. Yin Yang

    i just updated my nokia n97mini to v 30.0.004. but there is a nokia messaging is disappear.i search in installed apps but its not there
    i try to install it using software update in the phone,there a notif saying update failed please close the apps
    also try install it using downloaded software from google and using ovi suite but the notif says cannot install.this application is built in

    please help me

  9. Anonymous

    but we cant download 2gomobile

  10. Akhilesh Patil

    how can i download symbian belle?????????????????????

  11. charl van der westhuizen

    how do you download phone software for n97

  12. Getoar Gaxherri

    why are there letters in the dailer when u can’t use them ? I also don’t know where to find the emocticons