Nokia Place Tag for Lumia WP8 smartphones updated (Beta)

Quick heads-up, BetaLabs team has just released a new beta version of new “Place Tag” app for Lumia WP8 smartphones. The latest beta version (v1.1.1.0) now allows the creation of digital photo postcards from both pictures taken with the normal camera or the place tag lens.

About App:

“The app combines Nokia’s unique capabilities in location and imaging, allows you to take photos, add info about pictured places and share your shots in the form of electronic postcard with tag information with your friends like a Digital Photo Postcards.”

Nokia Place Tag app for Lumia (1)

Whats new in this release: When you open the new version you will notice that you are presented with two grid views.

Place Tag view:

  • Here you will see photos that were taken with the places lens. These photos will have stored location and direction data as well as points of interest seen at the time of capture. Opening this photos will show directly the correct direction and points of interest. If no points of interest were found you will still be able to make a postcard with the street address of the location or write your own text into the templates.

All photos view:

  • In this view you will see all pictures in the phones camera roll.
  • If you open a picture without GPS data you will still be able to create a postcard by typing your own text in the templates.
  • If you open a picture that has GPS data the points of interest will be downloaded from the server for the full 360 degrees around the GPS point. The direction of the photo is not known, therefore you can then use the slider at the botton of the photo to adjust the direction as needed. When you are ready you can select ‘ lock view direction’ from the menu if you want to save the direction and points of interest to the photo.
  • You can create a postcard of the point of interest by tapping the place name in the photo or if you press send directly you can create a postcard from the street address or by tyoing your own information in the template


Place Tag for Lumia WP8

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