Nokia 200/RM-761, Nokia 300/RM-781, Nokia 301/RM-698 & Nokia 303/RM-763 – S40 Phones Spotted!

We have already seen these three Series 40 devices Nokia 200, Nokia 300 & Nokia 303 spotted about 2 months back over Ovi publishers tool. Today we got lead over this leak with a new device from Telecommunication Ministry Of Republic Indonesia.

In month August,2011 these phones where spotted over  Ovi publishers tool.

While searching over website of Telecommunication Ministry Of Republic Indonesia one of our Twitter friend Symbian3_ID spotted these S40 devices with RM numbers, check out the screenshot image taken from Telecommunication Ministry Of Republic Indonesia website.

Click on the Image to Enlarge!

Well, we tried a bit and find another new Nokia device Nokia 301/RM-698. 

So, we have now four new Nokia Series 40 phones lined up for future release, hope we will see some of them in upcoming Nokia World, which is going to take place this month on 26.

  • Nokia 200 RM-761
  • Nokia 300 RM-781 (FCC. Passed)
  • Nokia 301/RM-698
  • Nokia 303 RM-763
Feel free to search over “Telecommunication Ministry Of Republic Indonesia” website and let us know if you find anything new.   Tip us at – 

[via Symbian3_ID ]