Nokia Store client for Symbian updated to v3.24.053

Stable version of Nokia Store client v3.24.053 is now available for all Symbian^3 smartphones via OTA. The latest version brings fixes to download and purchase related problems.

About two month ago Betalabs team released an updated beta version (v3.24.053of Nokia Store QML client for Symbian^3 smartphones. Today a final and stable version (v3.24.053) of the store client is made available to all Symbian^3 (Anna/ Belle) smartphones via OTA.

Changelog v3.24.053:

  • A solution for the issue of getting the download queue stuck because of loss of connection.
  • Some purchase related fixes.

To update just fire-up Nokia Store client in your device and it will automatically prompt you for the update!

[Thanks to Selva ‏ and Darushah for the Tip]

  1. Exzanon Yehia

    I fire it up , no update !!? 

    it just enters normally i got X7

  2. Alex_a_Chemist

    Might just take a while to roll out to everybody. Also if you have a current beta installed you might be in the beta stream and it won’t update you to a stable stream Store. I’ve got the stable store, and it still isn’t prompting me to upgrade. It probably will eventually, same for you.

    It’s not like we’re missing much besides minor fixes, it’s not like it’s a huge change like when they went from WRT to QML, then I’d be fuming to get that update ASAP!