Video: Installation of Nokia Wireless Charging units at Red Espresso Bar

Nokia Russia has published a new video over its official YouTube channel showing the process of  manufacturing and installation of wireless charging units in partnered coffee shops. The company has partnered with the Red Espresso chain of coffee shops in Moscow to offer wireless charging for customers to charge their new Lumia WP8 smartphones.

“Moscow has already appeared the first coffee shop, equipped with a wireless charger for our new products – Nokia Lumia 920 and 820. Among the “pioneers” were our friends – the network RED Espresso Bar. From our video, you’ll learn how to make a special podium for cafes, and are comfortable with technology, wireless charging standard Qi. Agree, ideally you charge energy from the invigorating drink, and your smartphone – from “smart” podium for your table!”

[Source, Via WPC]