Plumber Reloaded – Addictive puzzle game for Windows Phone

Plumber Reloaded is fast paced addictive logical puzzle game for Windows Phone devices developed by Halmi. The goal of the game is to connect every two elements of the same color with pipes, so the water can flow without crossing paths.

Gameplay is simple- You have to connect similar tiles with pipes in a manner where the pipes do not cross. Each puzzle level will present you with a grid that has pairs of colored tiles marked with various symbols. Just tap on tile and drag your finger along the grid’s columns and rows to generate a pipe connecting the two tiles. The game is combination of logic, intelligence and fast thinking. You have to connect all tile before the timer runs out.

Plumber Reloaded

  • 430 challenging levels spread across 6 different difficulties
  • 3 Game Modes:
    • Standard 3 stars mode in which you can beat levels one after another
    • 3 timed modes: sprint, summer run and marathon
    • Training mode (no time limit, no score)
Game Trailer:

Plumber is available in both free and paid versions over Windows Phone Store. The free demo version offers only first 36 levels to play.  The game also works on low-end 512MB RAM devices.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
The app was not found in the store. 🙁