Nokia planning aluminum body for Lumia 920 successor, codenamed “Catwalk”

The Verge reports that Nokia is planning to switch to an aluminum construction for thinner, lighter Lumia 920 successor, codenamed “Catwalk” coming later this year.

(Concept Design)

Sources familiar with the Finnish manufacturer’s plans have informed The Verge that the company is planning to switch to aluminum construction for at least one high-end Lumia Windows Phone 8 device releasing this year. The upcoming flagship, codenamed Catwalk, will sport the new aluminum body and will be a lot thinner and lighter than the existing Lumia 920.


  1. Jehu Sanon

    My dream phone O.O

  2. apoteka

    xenon flash?

    im having a crisis

  3. Paul Troy

    4.7″ , 1800mah battery , 12mp camera?

  4. Balaram Sundaram

    why the start screen looks like WP 7.5?

  5. Mohammad Y. Addasi

    this is just a made up picture , they wish they can make a phone this thin