S^4 Xeon – Nokia Belle Custom Firmware for N8 updated to v3.4.1 (Based on Nokia Belle Refresh)

“S^4 Xeon” the popular custom firmware for Nokia N8 is updated to v3.4.1. The latest version is now based on Nokia Belle Refresh v111.040.1511 and brings updated apps, some improvements and fixes to the ROM.

Changelog v3.4:

  • Base CFW: Belle Refresh
  • Update PixEnablers Components
  • Update Nokia Store 3.30.040
  • Nuovo widget: Testo mini
  • Update Layout Menu
  • Update E:\Tool\*.sis
  • Nuove patches per RP+
  • Ripristinato Sysap Mod (Utilizzare la patch: “Max volume cuffia”)
  • Nuovo plugin TweakS: System+
  • Integrate nuove app: ColorizeIT,BigScreen,DLNA
  • Update/Fix CenRep
  • Fix CameraUI exit
  • Update UDA Tool database
  • Fix elementi Screensaver
  • Fix elementi tema S^4
  • Update path Advanced Tool
  • Fix S&R engine
  • Fix galleria per cartelle secondarie

Changelog v3.4.1:

  • Update motore Reboot S&R
  • New patches per RP+
  • New plugins TweakS
  • Fix widgets items (EN only)
  • Update Layout Menu
  • Smiley FP1
  • UDA Tool 4.0 (New Database)
  • Some system fix
  • New Tool Show/Hide icon text (from Starter Icon -third option)


Download 3.4.1 

(Password Xeon^4 )

More Help:

Note:- Installing custom firmware is extremely dangerous, Try this at your own risk, SymbianTweet will not be responsible for any damage.

[Via Xeon]
  1. Danilo Dias

    What’s this? A version of S ^ 3 which will be officially launched by Nokia? Or just another version of S ^ 3 pirate?

  2. Guest

    This is a Custom Firmware based on original firmware by Nokia… Some features may be added or removed!

  3. Aldo

    is it avialable in spanish? or only english and italian?

  4. Guest

    if i install it can i uninstall it again get back to my belle refresh software

  5. harunlisiclisko

    i recomend ,,,even if i know that its is inpossible,,,, to create a firmware that will alow us to upgrade to android ,yeah, i watched tutorial for NOKIA n9 but there is no for nokia n8 because nokia n8 dont have that TERMINAL application that allows us to type commands like in dos or cmd , i hope that those smart guys will create something, and thanks for this firmware…..