Software update available for Nokia Belle devices – ‘Upload To SkyDrive’

Quick heads-up, A minor optional software update “Upload To SkyDrive” is available for Nokia Belle devices. This update enables automatic photo upload to Microsoft’s online cloud storage service SkyDrive.

Update Description:

“Upload and store your photos right when you take them with the all-new Upload to SkyDrive app. SkyDrive is your personal online storage space, accessible from anywhere- all you need is your Windows Live ID. If you don’t have one yet, go to Upload to SkyDrive uses Wi-Fi to save on data costs, but you can use your data connection as well”

To get this update just fire up the ‘Sw Update’ application on your Nokia Belle smartphone. The update is about 170kB in size. Please restart your device after the update installation. Do let us know if you find anything new in this update.

[Thanks to Selva for the tip]

  1. Mohamed Ashmawy

    please give me the theme name or the link for it

  2. Mauro Comiotto

    No way to browse folders content?

  3. Danica Lazic

    I don’t see this update available on my Nokia 701

  4. that_will_be_five_dollars

    701 FP1 here and I don’t see it…

  5. Sándor Ádám Kiss

    I  have Nokia 603 with FP1 and there is no update yet.

  6. alleycats

    Even though this is a basic update to skydrive and a welcome one, it has major issues. No manual updates, only auto. Wifi seems to be stubborn for some users as only phone data will work. The photo’s says they update to skydrive, check the folder, nope not there. More work needs to be done and maybe more options for the app, more like a proper windows app.

  7. Jay Phi

    my n700 has automatic upload before, but as these upload to skydrive update came my automatic upload began to be uploaded manually! i need help! i want my automatic upload back.