Software update available for Nokia N8 Belle Refresh – Calendar Update!

Quick heads-up, Minor optional software update “Calendar Update v 10.3(7)is now available for Nokia N8 with Belle RefreshThe update brings better calendar event management and fixes to the calendar app on device.

Update Descriptions v 10.3(7):

“Brings better calendar event management and fixes some problems”.

To get this update just fire up the ‘Sw Update’ application on your Nokia Belle Refresh smartphone. Please restart your device after the update installation. Do let us know if you find anything new in this update.

[Via MNB]


  1. jtech19

    didn’t even receive Belle Refresh 🙁

  2. El_Marko

    No Belle Refresh in the U.S., so far as I am aware. At least, it’s not shown up on my phone, either OTA or via Nokia Suite. I figure, since I’m probably one of a small handful of Nokia N8 owners in the U.S., Nokia figures there’s no reason to push out the Belle Refresh to this country too very soon. Heck, so far as I know, they won’t even be releasing the Lumia 920 here, in the foreseeable future. . .

  3. Shawn Adams

    i got no update for my n8 belle refresh

  4. Yash Raj

    i want some motion game were i found the game
    for nokia n8

  5. JulianS

    still no belle refresh in holland