Soundwave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Nowadays mobile phones are becoming more entertainment oriented, you can read, listen and watch all your favorite contents anywhere you want. But when it comes to music, speakers on most phones feels a bit quite while playing outdoor. Bluetooth speakers come in quite handy in such situations. Today we are going to review Soundwave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker.


Soundwave SW50 is dome shaped stylish speaker made up of high quality plastic, come in both Black and White colors,  have a distinctive metallic red speaker cone with grill on top. The speaker looks small but output audio quality is really impressive.


The box comes with the speaker, rubber anti-slip mat to help keep the speaker in place and a USB charging cable.


You can find a small toggle switch on one side of the speaker allowing you to easily switch it on or off. The speaker comes with built-in Mic, Led indicator and a dedicated button which allows you to turn the microphone on and off. This come handy when you’re listening to music and you receive an incoming call, just press the green button situated just below the mic to receive or disconnect the call. A mini USB slot is also located on a 3rd side which lets you easily charge up the device. The bottom got the speaker with 3 rubber legs to keep the device in place.


It’s 400mAh Li-Poly battery shouldn’t take long to fully recharge using a standard USB port. On a single charge you can enjoy 12 hours of talk time (rated) and several hours of music playback, which is obviously depends upon the volume at which you play music as well the amount of usage. We managed to get 5 hours of music playback before the battery goes out, …..Not bad.




  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Bluetooth Profiles: HSP v1.2, HFP v1.5, A2DP v1.2
  • RF Frequency Range: 2.402-2.480Ghz, 2.4G ISM band
  • Radio Performance: Receive Sensitivity of -90dBm, TX Power Max 4dBm
  • Class 2 Bluetooth device, operating range: up to 10M
  • Advanced multi-point support:  enables connection to 2 phones for voice
  • Multi-point A2DP Streaming: enables connection to 2 A2DP source for music playback


  • Frequency Response: 20Hz- 20KHz (60Hz- 20KHz)
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio (SNR): 95Db
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.1%
  • 2W Speaker Output level: 80dB at 0.5m
  •  Built-in Anti-Noise Microphone


  • 1 Button Design: MFB, Power Slide Switch
  • LED Status Inidicator: Blue, Red
  • USB Charging Port


  • Rechargeable 400mAh Li-Polymer Battery
  • Charger adpater output: DC 5V & 200mA
  • Normal sharging time: Max 2 hours
  • Talk Time: Up to 12 hours

Now the most important thing- The Audio Quality:– Considering the size of this 2W device the audio quality is super.  Try using this speaker in a large room with mid volume level and you’ll be surprised at how much sound, clarity, and bass you can get out of it.



The Soundwave SW50 speaker comes with rich audio depth which delivers crisp, loud audio output with decent bass. It’s a great accessories for music lovers with excellent audio quality. It’s also light, compact & portable – you can easily carry it any where to enjoy music.