Symbian Anna Custom Firmware v7.9 for Nokia 5800, 5530, 5230 & X6

Symbian Anna custom firmware for Nokia 5800, 5530, 5230 & X6 updated to v7.9. The latest version fixes all bugs reported in the previous version, brings new features and updated system applications. Download link and video demo after break.



TEAMWHO CAN USE THEWho can not use
NOKIA 5800
RM-428 and RM-356
Everyone –
NOKIA 5530
All 5530 regardless of the RM, or version or anything … All! –
NOKIA 5230
All be RM 5230-594Those with other RM
RM-559 and RM-551
All X6 firmware or lower v40.0.002Those with the version 40.2.002

Creatings custom firmware is releated to mobile development resulting in new features and cell phone apps.

New Features

  • New RAM memory optimization (Exclusive)
  • Modification of Symbian OOMonitor that fixes several bugs in handling the RAM (Exclusive)
  • Processor speed increased to 536 Mhz really (Exclusive)
  • Correction levels battery sensor, now it works and reports the exact value (Exclusive)
  • New Web Browser v7.3.133
  • Dll Modified the browser cache to point the external memory. (Exclusive)
  • New startup sound.
  • QWERTY keyboard, Symbian Anna
  • Corrected errors in the camera icon.
  • Effects renovated, with kinetic response.
  • Nokia n8 software Nokia Pure Font much more readable.
  • Nokia Store integrated and updated to version 1.30 (05) August 2012
  • Fixed incompatibility with Bluetooth headsets on the Nokia 5530
  • Fixed version number in the firmware of Nokia 5230
  • Optimized startup applications. (mobile apps developments)
  • Unlock screen “Tap Unlock” with notifications enabled
  • Changes in the system cache for apps to faster.
  • Improved InstallServer correcting problems when installing some applications
  • Desk with original transparent Widgets Symbian Anna (Exclusive)
  • Default theme Symbian Anna Firmware designed exclusively by @ aj23thememaster
  • Built with the core of the Nokia N97 mini which allows better management of the RAM
  • Support for emoticons and symbols on the keyboard messaging
  • Horizontal menu to full screen with the bar down
  • Integrated Nokia Maps 6.3 (Exclusive Version)
  • Language English and Spanish Latino
  • Improved Sidebar improving much smaller space in all applications
  • Image on and off the original Black NOKIA Symbian Belle
  • The Tap Unlock unlock system saves RAM and increases battery performance
  • Light Behavior reprogrammed
  • Firmware thorough cleaning to get more free space.
  • But all the other advantages of the previous version Anna v7.
Video:  CFW Symbian Anna v7.9 for Nokia 5800, 5530, 5230 & X6:


More Help:

Note:- Installing custom firmware or rooting phones is extremely dangerous, Try this at your own risk, SymbianTweet will not be responsible for any damage.


  1. Mohmamed

    Unable to open dial pad error report “qtn_debug_pe_failed_at_startup”..please help

  2. Aadesh Kolte

    I am getting an error flashing files retrieving failed
    firmware checksum of file

  3. Deepu

    any new software update for C503??

  4. Sergio Hermos

    This is “CFW” for only nokia 5530 BLACK_GREY (0583715) UKRAINE!!! I need a version BLACK_RED. I’M FROM BRAZIL.

  5. Murvet Karic

    Link for nokia 5800 is dead. Can you fix that?

  6. sembarangan sembarangan

    the link isn’t working

  7. ArunGupta

    SYMBIAN ANNA v7.9 NOKIA 5800
    original like is here

  8. Sunny Keshri

    update the link for 5800 version 60.0.003 plz

  9. Afshin

    I get the massage when I choose 5800-1 (RAM-365) in my JAF windows interface that Jaf could n”t find ini from file!and I do n” know what is that mean!I search all the file but no Luke or any glue!

  10. Fakhre

    Download Link Updated!

  11. Fakhre


  12. Abhinandan Sarkar

    i hv symbian anna 7.5 cfw installd on my nokia 5800 rm-356….can i re-flash my 5800 with this anna 7.9??

  13. Pathum Wijayasooriya

    Will this support 5230 RM-588

  14. Mohammed Ghousé

    There is no rofs3 file in RM-356?? is it not required? please help…

  15. Jyotik Hirani

    did you got answer?

  16. Abhi Patil

    please give me rm-588 firmware

  17. Mohammed Ghousé

    There is rofs3 file for 5800(RM-356) in the downloaded zip folder, is it not required, pls help…

  18. Amila Iroshan

    Amazing its work Nokia 5230 Pathum Wijayasooriya and me Done it.

  19. Teodor Lupu

    hay i installed symbian anna on x6 16 gB and the qwerty keyboard doesn’t appear and music player doesn’t open what should i do ? pls help!

  20. Harshal Tamboli

    Can i use it in Nokia 5235, RM 558
    Pls help

  21. Ranjit Chaturvedi

    I am also getting this issue… everything went fine. But after flash the system did not rebooted for a long time so I REMOVED the battery and started the phone but now after reboot, I am getting the above error and not able to pick any call the the green call button is deactivated due to this…..Please help……

  22. Nony Mous

    how to change the clockspeed

  23. Hadi Asadi

    how can i add persian language in “writing language”?

  24. Jovan Bućan

    Bro i have component is built in error what 2 do? I have install Norton Symbian hack but still nothing,cant install ndrive now :-/. Please help. Thanks

  25. Mani M

    Same problem here! Did you find out the answer?

  26. Logeshwar Venkatesan

    Hi, I updated my Nokia 5530 with anna 7.9 about 2 months back n for a few weeks my bluetooth says unable to connect and wifi doesnt connect to the network but displays available networks… Problem is not there after phone reboot and occurs after a few minutes… 🙁 Is this a bug in 7.9.. I flashed once again and factory reset too…

  27. aldred

    is this working for nokia 5530 philippines phone? or do i need to openline after i install the custom firmware?

  28. sooraj

    ini not found,when i trying to flash nokia 5230 rm-588.. with jaf , what should i do?

  29. aldred

    will this work with nokia 5233? help pls

  30. kritagya

    will this work with nokia 5230???????????help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  31. Mihai Ionut Paun

    Keyboard missing on X6 🙂 pls help

  32. Bruno Soares

    Ovi Maps doesn’t let me download and install new maps or even make any type of update

  33. Rakesh Kesavan

    For me it worked. Its good ! The only problem is that I’m not able to upgrade the Maps

  34. Viktor Sobolyev

    I’ve installed it on my 5230 rm 588 and it seems to work fine. Was able to upgrade maps after opening navigator on the phone and than rebooting it. The only problem I’m having is that sometimes the “desktop” disapears after an incoming call.

    Could you share any problems you’re having and your RM version?

  35. Viktor Sobolyev

    Yes, the animations are available, you just have to enable them in themes menu by selecting option over “black anna&belle DI …etc”

  36. Modestas Pelanius

    There is no rofs3 file for x6

  37. Alex Clyde

    Got the same problem with Qwerty, but player works fine!
    Nokia X6 16GB

  38. Alex Clyde

    Whoohooo… I made work that all stuff. U have to format “Mass memory” and Restore phone settings.. *#7370#, btw if you forgot your Lock code – default is 12345.. Do do it all stuff and Flash your cell over again! 😉 Good luck! 🙂 🙂

  39. Nick

    what is ur phone RM?

  40. Nick

    can i install this v7.9 in my Nokia 5230 RM-588?

  41. kk

    please how do i install the firmware. dont know the process help me

  42. Shirish

    Hey dude….. i have nokia 5230 rm-588 …. u said that u have installed it.. does it works?????????????????? bcoz above its written that its only for rm-594….

  43. Luis Quike's


  44. akhi

    Did this work fine with 5800

  45. Abhijeet Muneshwar

    My Phone’s RM is: RM-594

  46. Abhijeet Muneshwar

    I tried as per your suggestions. But it still doesn’t work.

  47. kudzai dzuda

    does the symbian anna 7.5 cfw offer english language or there is spanish only??? Please reply this

  48. I could solve my problem by following below steps.
    Menu ——> Settings ——> Themes ——> General ——> Options ——> Theme Effects ——> On.

  49. Viktor Sobolyev

    This site doesn’t notify you when you get an answer. Works perfect for me, didn’t notice any problems at all, and I would say that it’s even better than the original symbian.

  50. Mayank Mourya

    i need help here… can some body help me?

    plz msg here… facebook com/mayank.mourya

    plz help me

  51. Guest

    Sorry, didn’t see your message there. Before installing it I ran through the internet to see how other people have done it, and well, there was something about a folder you have to maintain or something, so I’ve copied it as a backup just in case something goes wrong. Finally I just followed the instructions from a tutorial and everything went well.
    What’s your problem ?

  52. Guest

    My bad, didn’t read the whole problem, thought you weren’t able to install the system …

  53. Uma Pathynathan

    I tried Symbian Anna v7.9, after the installation phone restarted but i couldn’t get Dial pad to enter the code *#7370#. Please help me…..

  54. Uma Pathynathan

    Problem with Keyboard. I couldn’t get the Keyboard please help me