Symbian Anna Custom Firmware v6.2 for Nokia 5800, 5530, 5230 & X6 (Video Added)

For those who always obsessed with trying new things with their mobile devices, here is another version of Symbian Custom Firmware version name ‘Anna’ by Symbian Latino. This new CFW v6.2 comes with complete set of Anna icons, new keyboards, effects and many more features. Video after break.


  • New effects in the interface of Symbian Anna PR2
  • Ovi Maps 6.3 built-Final (Exclusive Version)
  • Fonts optimized for readability, slightly larger
  • Ovi updated v1.109 (June 2011).
  • Complete set Symbian Anna icons that change according to the subject put (Binh24).
  • New default theme courtesy of @ Anna Symbian aj23thememaster
  • Improved Sidebar improving much smaller space in all applications
  • New full QWERTY keyboard, Symbian Anna
  • New alphanumeric keyboard with improved buttons
  • New Image Power
  • 15.2 music player with built-lyrics (Solution for Latin languages)
  • Unlock slider rounded to be more in line with Anna Style
  • Behavior rescheduled lights all turned off while
  • Firmware size reduced to be ready for new versions


  • Interactive desktop with Widgets
    • Button text centered Menu
    • New Extended menu, wider!
    • Greater speed in the movement and application performance
    • Removed rotation sliding unlock
    • Fixed error when installing some old songs
    • The battery back to normal life … Amend
    • Languages: English and Spanish Latino (5230 5530 5800) and Spanish Spain (X6 5800)
    • You can install anything you want without signing applications, or perform any process
    • Never again you will get a certificate expired error!
    • Integrated mail client with HTML support and compatible with your Hotmail, Gmail, Ovi, etc.
    • Release system by swiping your finger across the screen.
    • New font much more modern and fitted with the new menu, the original source is huge !!!!!!!!
    • 4×4 menu reorganized and custom folders
    • Added 3 new widgets shortcuts so you can get full screen access.
    • 79 MB free internal memory (290 MB free X6) and 58 MB free RAM
    • Clock Widget is now removable so you can remove it and have a Full Swipe
    • Removed the poster to show all applications running on the drop down menus
    • Java applications and bring all permits WRT enabled to avoid so many unnecessary requests
    • You can send any file protected by Bluetooth, no more restrictions
    • Added new audio codecs for stereo sound better
    • Sound a lot stronger than the original firmware
    • Embedded applications Ovi maps, Conversations, Notifications.
    • In the Ovi mobile is identified as a Nokia N97 so have many more programs compatible
    • Improved effects and without delay
    • Facebook added tactile equipment browser bookmarks
    • Gallery reconfigured to not read images in system folders
    • Removed some startup applications to have more free resources.
    • Browser Cache grown and moved to E
NOKIA 5230 RM-594v40.8.003Versions less than or equal to v40.8.003Other RM
NOKIA 5530 RM-504v32.0.007All 5530 regardless of version
NOKIA 5800 RM-356 – RM-428v52.0.101All 5800 whether or RM-428 RM-356 no matter which version
NOKIA X6 RM-559 – RM-551v32.0.002All RM-559 X6The RM-551 with version 32.2.002

Here we explain step by step tutorial with pictures and even video anti Dummies: INSTALL A MODIFIED IN YOUR NOKIA FIRMWARE


WHAT HAPPENS IF I CHANGE RM? The MR differ only in the languages ​​of each mobile and firmware RM-428 is originally American English language, Spanish, Latin, Portuguese Brazil and others, while the RM-356 is British English, Spanish, Spain, Portugal and Portuguese; so if you change your RM only change the languages ​​available and before you ask, YES … your 3G will work as usual. RM CHANGE HOW? You need not do anything before, just flash when you select in the JAF MRI are going to call, say if you have a Nokia 5800 RM-428 to install this firmware you must select the RM-356 flash when the JAF and that’s all. CAN I GO BACK TO MY ORIGINAL RM? Yes, you can simply re-flashing with the same version you have but it is for your MRI, what happens is that Nokia has abandoned the RM in the Americas and is only getting updates for Europe, and across all the major advances in CFW RM only come to Europe, so think twice before returning to your RM American, we do not recommend!. LOVE ME IF I CAN NOT RETURN TO ORIGINAL OR PUT ANOTHER FIRM CFW? Yes, you can always put another CFW that is based on the same version of firmware that CFW. Likewise, you can return to the original version in the same versions. “ALWAYS APPLICATIONS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THIS CFW? Of course, if all your applications are compatible, but we recommend that henceforth seek applications for the N97 or the C6 and some bring the plugin to put a widget on the desktop, down on the extras will leave you some. The themes are also compatible but do not bring the oldest mark button so we recommend you install themes designed for the N97 or search for the newest … We put a new theme every weekend!

Tecladoaplicaciones extendidas
verticalOvi mapsConfigmarcador


CLARIFICATIONS Before writing that there is an error, please check before you formatted flash external memory and I did a Hard reset (* # 7370 #) to your mobile, 99% of problems are solved that way.

  • Nokia Messaging : Not compatible, we delete all Nokia components Messaging and still is not compatible … continue working on it.
  • Activating effects : Settings> Themes> General> Options> Theme Effects / Activate
  • TV Output: If when you connect your TV looks gray is because you must change the settings from PAL to NTSC in TV output options.
  • Support Contacts : If you make a backup with the Ovi suite will have problems, so the process to follow to keep all your phone numbers is: From your phone go to your address book, press Options, where it says you give DIAL-> Mark all. Then press Options again and give in the BUSINESS CARD COPY -> In another report, choose your external memory and ready. When you’ve got your Symbian phone with our CFW ^ 3 v6 installed so you just go to your address book again press Options, then BUSINESS CARD -> On the other memory and select your external memory. This method is not only much easier and faster but it also is much more complete because all pictures are saved contact and everything is done from the same phone.
  • Enable Rotation : Settings – Phone – Conf sensor – control activation – Auto Rotate Screen
  • Rings : The rings you put in your external memory in the folder E: / Sounds / Digital
  • Updates : Updates are already built, there is no need to reinstall them.
  • Sound Off Camera : Camera> Options> Settings> Capture tone> Camera 4

Update: Video-  CFW Symbian Anna v6.2 para Nokia 5800, 5530, 5230 & X6

Note- Installing custom firmware is extremely dangerous, Try this at your own risk, SymbianTweet is not responsible for any damage.

Update: New Version 7.5 Now Available

  1. siva chendu

    Hi I am Mr.J,

    Great news – But I am using Nokia 5230 with RM-588 whether I can do the firmware update and help

  2. Rooj Ruchirabutr

    HI, I’m Thai people  this rm have Thai language ?

  3. Prikshit Gupta

    installed n its awesome battery life boosted, phone is fast now….. fonts and whole ui is awesome……..

  4. Nikhilesh Kumar

    Can I install this on my Nokia 5235(Comes with Music) ?????

  5. Maged A. Khalil

    i don’t know how to install  it 🙁 please help meeee

  6. Maged A. Khalil

    i don’t know how to install  it 🙁 please help meeee

  7. Wan Zaman

    i installed it today…awesome interface and the phone speed is great!!

  8. Dominik Debef

    Adding Czech language into this cfw causes messages malfunction. Plugin in homescreen works, clicking icon in menu will not start msg app. Any idea there should I start?? I had a look into nokia firmware editor, but dont know…

  9. Mit Panchani

    can i do it on nokia 5230 rm 588?

  10. Tiago Esteves

    Ho do you added the czech languade? Can i add other language?

  11. Igor Hnizdo


  12. Ajemy Ahchaney

    yeah…new cfw..i like.. but i heard that nokia will officially upgrade nokia 5800 to anna in next firmware update..cant wait 4 that

  13. gurpreet singh soor

    Cant Install Symbian Anna On My Nokia X6 RM-551 PLZZ HELP !!!!!

  14. Fakhre

    Its not for RM-551!

  15. Fakhre

    Pls check and match your software version.

  16. Fakhre

    Well, I dont have any idea on that!

  17. Fakhre

    Great to know!

  18. Fakhre

    We will soon publish a post on installation!

  19. Fakhre

    Nop, not supported!

  20. Fakhre

    Good to know!

  21. Fakhre

    Dont know, you have to install and check!

  22. Fakhre

    Its not for RM 558!

  23. Fakhre

    Its Ann Browser 7.3 and New Nokia Maps – Thats it!

  24. Fakhre

    Dont do that!

  25. can i use it for my nokia 5530 xm? its listed up there but someone said he cant use it !!!

  26. may mumu

    can you make a step on how to install this CFW. (Nokia x6) appreciated. 

  27. Fakhre

    Will do one very soon, keep checking! 

  28. Jerald Lee Leonen

    Can it work on Nokia 5800 v52.0.007

  29. stojan rajković

    I have installed it on my nokia 5530 🙂 but WLAN doesen’t work. It findes a network, connects and then automaticly disconnects and it can’t find that network anymore. Does someone know how so solve the problem? Everything else is great 😀

  30. Gabby Barbu

    hy! u can make this cfw for 5230 with rm-588? plss. i’m really like it:) if u can send me a message @
    10x! sorry for my bad english..

  31. Patrick Rochadel


    Did i something wrong or really the homescreen hasn´t resource to put widgets in the other side´s screen? Just the main screen has widgets?

  32. Fakhre

    Pls check it with other wi-fi router!

  33. Fakhre


  34. Fakhre

    Pls check the version listed!

  35. kamal singh

    after installing this , can we udate the device with software updater
    or reinstall the software with software updater program. (RM-356)  

  36. Fakhre

    Haven’t tried that! 

  37. Zoran Vasic

    Can it work on Nokia 5800  52.0.101 ?

  38. Mohamed Haiyum

    hi friend,i don’t have experiences in flashing mobiles but im interested in doing this thing so

    i need your attention to help me,i have a ( nokia 5800 RM-356 Ver 52.0.007 and the custom ver is

    52.0.007.C04.01 )..the matter is i just have the mobile and a good laptop with windows 7 i want to install that Symbian anna to 5800 so what do i need?what
    softwares should i download ? what cable should i buy ? what should i
    do ?please help me and please send your replay to my email because i
    have very slow net connection,if you send to my email i can easly open
    in my gprs thanks a lot and please replay fast thanks.. E mail is ( )

  39. Paul Bombo

    What about the 5233 RM-625?

  40. Fakhre

    Sorry dear, its not supported! 

  41. Mark andrew Pablo

    can i use it on my Nokia5530??will it work??

  42. Dhruvil Shah

    is it in  english or not

  43. Fakhre


  44. Fakhre


  45. Fakhre

    Yes, in English! 

  46. Zain Ishaq

    how i installing this cfw on nokia 5800

  47. Kenneth Geolina

    I would like to install this custom firmware(Symbian Anna) to my Nokia 5530, I have read the Spanish(?) tutorial through google translate and I have a pretty good idea on how to make this work, plus the video helped me understand even more.

    But, the google translate is not accurate on some points so if possible, can you post a translated version to english? Only if its not too much of a hassle 😀

  48. Mark andrew Pablo

    but why my handset model was included in the list??

  49. Fakhre

    O, sorry about that!

    Yes, you can install – but pls match your software version first!

  50. Pranav Phadke

    Installed it n works perfectly fine..but,NOKIA SMART INSTALLAR isn’t it because of CFW?? unable 2 install any apps that require SMART INSTALLAR.. 🙁 Help!!

  51. Piyush Chavada

    Can u pls help me how to install the update

  52. Fakhre

    We are working on a detail post !

  53. Pravin Karunagaran

    hi bro im from installing this firmware on my 5800 rm356.the thing is i have installed JAF key emulater but when i load it and press GO. it says in a small pop out box saying ” ERROR BOX DRIVER NOT INSTALLED” can u pls help me out..thanks alot man.

  54. Mark andrew Pablo

    i already have the latest FW….32.0.007….is this version match???

  55. Fakhre

    Perfect match , go ahead!

  56. sedwrds

    i intstalled however it wont let me compose  txts

  57. sedwrds

    i sucessfully installed this firmware however when i wanted to write a txt message nothing worked wouldnt go onto composr

  58. sedwrds

    yea i had this problem with my x6 also wouldnt let me write txt messages

  59. sedwrds

    i installed this but had to reinstall my original firmware so yes you can

  60. adrian fernandes

    yes smart installer doesnt install files like nokia drop and dukto which worked on my regular nokia x6…Also my phone seems more laggy than the original, any way to get better speed??

  61. Mark andrew Pablo

    but how can i use it??is there any instruction to follow how to install this CFW?? the folder only contains a installer of nokia ovi store….

  62. shreyas bv

    is something there like this for nokia e71 ??

  63. Garry Navarroza

    help me pls. i cant connect to the internet with this cfw. it only appears a white blank page 🙁

  64. Sameer Dayal

    Hi I have a Nokia X6 Sofware ver. V32.0.002 Type RM-550 Language set 21.Will this work on my set ?How can I take a backup of my existing firmware-Regards

  65. Fakhre

    Sorry dear, its not for RM 550!

  66. Fakhre


  67. tanthai3000


  68. mayank mishra

    i am having nokia x6 ,this cfw(0578309) and my mobile(0598934) product code doesnt match is this work corectly?
    does it support hindi(india) or simply english or both
    kindly reply fast

  69. Nish@ntmac1807 .

    my nokia x6 rm-559 is compatible for it…
    but i want to know that am i able to restore the original symbian s60 after the upgrade…..
    and also is there any defect to phone… plzz reply

  70. David Ozc

    can my nokia x6 RM-559 use it???

  71. Athrun Loke

    If my X6 has been change to symbian anna,will the language still remain the same? I need my Chinese and English.Most importantly,can I play angry bird and fruit ninja??

  72. Athrun Loke

    If my X6 has been change to symbian anna,will the language still remain the same? I need my Chinese and English.Most importantly,can I play angry bird and fruit ninja??

  73. Ahmad Waridi

    I have a nokia 5800 RM356.. how do i know it’s version?

  74. Aj Alejandro Lopez

    where is the step by step proceedure? thanks! 🙂

  75. Fakhre

    Check Tutorial – 

  76. Fakhre


  77. Antonio Ramos

    Hi, i need some help, i’m from portugal, i have nokia x6 rm559, but my firmware is 30.0.003.I can use it?

  78. Shivam Gupta

    why its not supported with nokia 5233 RM-625

  79. Digi Boy

    heyy guys…. this is a very good cfw… i found no bugs personally very fast…only thing that keeps it to being latest is the browser pls some 1 do it ….n e  1 got it then pls email me @

  80. Nodynu Kawaii Desu

    Hello! I upgraded to version 32.0.002 just awhile ago using Ovi. I read your reply though, since I upgraded will it be able to work for me? Waiting for your reply 🙂 Also, since nokia messaging is not working what’s the alternative to still be able to send sms? And lastly, is it available in english for X6? How to edit to english? Sorry for too many questions, looking forward your reply, have a nice day 🙂 Oh and it’s still on RM 559 😀

  81. Nodynu Kawaii Desu

    Oh by the way does the language set matter? Mines lang 19, however, its RM 559. Software version V 32.0.002 now since i upgraded. It’s a Nokia X6 16g 🙂 Customversion 32.0.002.C04.01 🙂

  82. Kartik Deo

    my Nokia x6 :
    Software version : 31.0.004
    Custom version :

    Can i install this CFW in my cell ? and mainly, is this CFW in English ? cuz in many videos its always shown in latin or smthn… pls reply…thanks

  83. Bharat Arjun

    Can this be used for my nokia 5235 Rm-588 Phone..??

  84. Fakhre


  85. Fakhre

    Its not for V 31.0.004

  86. Jhay-pee G-Boyz Mañago

    i think  5530xm is listed above? plz give the full tutorial for each phone like 5530? in english tutorial plz. so somebody do there own without asking of tutorial…. reply plz.

  87. David Ozc

    my phone is nokia x6 RM-559
    is that compatible???
    how to install it???

  88. Cheng Zhen Teng

    can work on 5230? FW ver. 50.0.001

  89. Akash Ayush

    Have you recustomized c6 fw??

  90. Akash Ayush

    PLZ I WANT DIS FOR MY NOKIA 5230 RM-588 VERS. 40.0.003

  91. anirudh kanukanti

    can i install on my 5230 rm-588

  92. anirudh kanukanti

    can i install on my 5230 rm-588

  93. Fakhre


  94. Rahul Mehra

    I sort off din’t see the contacts backup thing
    about shifting it to external memory etc
    So I just copied the .vcf files and saved it in a folder. Any suggestions how to put it back on the phone. It says some problem installing the communication center thing on the phone ?Help me out ?

  95. Fakhre

    Tutorial: How to Install Custom Firmware on Nokia 

  96. Fakhre

    Tutorial: How to Install Custom Firmware on Nokia 

  97. Kristaps

    Hi there.
    i have RM-588 and i tried to get anna on 5230… i know i’m a fool :/
    now it won’t turn on, it just vibrates one time when i push POWER button.
    What should i do ???????????????????????????? 🙁

  98. Fakhre

    Oops, You bricked your Nokia 5230, please take it to Nokia Care!

  99. jim168

    will this work on 5800 51.0.006

  100. Fakhre


  101. yoyo yo

    can i install this on my nokia c6 00my rm is rm 612 software version is v 40.0.021

  102. Fakhre

    No, RM 612 not supported!

  103. Ramesh Casseer

    please release this for nokia 5230 RM-588
    please please with version v50.0.001

  104. Aditya Anand

    I cannot type anything in my phone!
    Nokia X6 RM-559 with custom Symbian Anna
    Please Help ASAP

  105. Martin Pennaste

    Hey, I have 5800 XM with V 52.0.007 and Type RM-356.
    What are my chances of flashing my phone to this firmware ? Can it work ?Thanks for your answer in advance 🙂

  106. Sanmith Shetty

    Bro u have mentioned RM-356 for nokia 5800.some people asked ya. u told it doesn’t work. can’t get ya??

    am having nokia 5800

    custom firmware – 52.0.007.c02.01.
    will it work for mine?? 😛

  107. ShivaKumar DN

    how to install symbian anna custom firmware on nokia 5800xm pls mail me step by step to mine is RM-356… pls help me…

  108. Suman Sharma

    can it possible to install symbina anna for my nokia 5230 RM588……..

  109. Raghu Chowdary

    can is install this to my x6 ?
    if so how can i install this for my nokia x6(16gb) type:RM-559,S.ware version:32.0.002(custom version:32.0.002.c03.01),language set:22

    thanks in advance

  110. Sanmith Shetty

    anyways. thnx for the moD.

    MOD fucking rocks dude. Awsome..

    If anyone Finds difficult to install this moD. Pls feel free to contact me.


    sanmith6@gmail:disqus .com

    i would surely help u.

  111. Raghavendra Kamath B

    I have V52.0.007 on my Nokia 5800! Can I flash this CFW?? Cuz U have mentioned V52.0.101….

  112. Siddesh Mudaliar

    can i get it on my c5 03 n if not suggest wat can i do to get it on mah phone plz rlp i despertly want this on mah phone plz help thn q

  113. Mahmoud Abid Ali

    will nimbuzz and other aps wiull work after installing this ?

  114. Moraru Lilian

    call *#0000#

  115. Nitin Rai

    do u need a sd card to do this

  116. Fakhre

    As we always say – Installing CWF is dangerous. 

    Please contact Nokia Care! 

  117. Fakhre


  118. Fakhre

    No Nokia c5-03 is not supported!

    Sorry can’t do anything !

  119. Fakhre


  120. Fakhre

    Yes you can – Check out the tutorial video at our Help Section –

  121. Fakhre

    Pls match your software version from the post – before installing!

  122. Fakhre

    Here it is –

  123. Fakhre

    NO, your software version didn’t match !

  124. Fakhre

    As we always say – Installing CWF is dangerous. 

    Please contact Nokia Care! 

  125. Fakhre


  126. Fakhre

    Pls re- download and try again, looks like download package is broken.

  127. Fakhre

    Pls check it on the post!

  128. Fakhre

    Pls check your software version from the post!

  129. Fakhre

    Yes, you can install it!

  130. Fakhre

    Video Tutorial: How to Install Custom Firmware on Nokia

  131. Fakhre

    Video Tutorial: How to Install Custom Firmware on Nokia

  132. Mark John Fernandez

    What will I do if something goes wrong can I still go back? I have Nokia X6.

  133. Anonymous

    i just did …mine was too V52.0.007
    n it works perfectly fine ..actually awesome 🙂 bt i did fynd auto screen rotation to be slow bt otherwise mine is a completely new phone 

  134. Anonymous

    Well i Have Downloaded  The Rm 559 for X6 but i don’t know how to update it.
    Plz Help me. 

  135. Tushar Jadhav

    can i use for nokia 5235 RM 588 AND FW V40.06.003

  136. Manjunath Yadav

    please relase english version for CFW anna for nokia x6!!

  137. Swapnil Bandiwadekar

    can u modify input method to one in symbian anna? like splitscreen portrait/landscape qwerty?

  138. Mahmoud Abid Ali

    winscard.dll error when i am pressing go at jaf pkey emulator key 

  139. Mahmoud Abid Ali

    i cant find 5530 model while select mobile models :/

  140. Danni Arrandale Kurniawan

    Can my 5800 with RM-356, V50.0.005 work with it?

  141. Navnath Sutar

    ha yaar please release this for nokia 5230 rm-588 and version 50.0.001

  142. Johan Cronje

    How did you do it? Must I change the product code

  143. Pumkiи 南瓜

    i can’t update this software to 5530xm =(

    can show me the video ?
    plz rpl !!

  144. rm rm

    ican use this firmware for nokia 5230 RM-588??????????////

  145. Ahmad Danesh

    how do you install it?

  146. Vasco Rebocho

    hi … i have a nokia 5230 rm 588 v.40.0003. ( personalized ) 329.02. can i install this features ?

    tks in advance

  147. Vinoth Kannah MP

    will this void warranty???

  148. Fakhre


  149. Fakhre


  150. Sam George

    & when will stable symbian anna available for N97?

  151. Chethan Channa

    i also want cfw for nokia 5230 rm_588

  152. murali mrl

    Hi… my x6 is only showing nokia test mode only and blank display an u help me…….

  153. murali mrl

    Hi….i did this in my nokia X-6 (RM-559) but its not getting on…Can u help me if you are in bangalore..?

  154. chacha a

    wht hpnd man am n bangalore…. i changed 5800 to anna

  155. chacha a

    wht hpnd bro ? i did dat , n am n banglr … 🙂

  156. Franco El Esperanto

    Hi ! I am trying the new v6.2 since yesterday, everything is nearly perfect except
    the slow screen auto rotation on my 5800 rm-356 v52.0.007, for the music
    player it sounds a lil bit better than the original firmware but still
    same output in earphones, I use a sennheiser cx-200 and still not
    satisfied with it as i work in a noisy environment, the graphical jobs
    are great, we really feel the experience of a Nokia N8 with Symbian Anna
    on a cheap 5800, Keep it up and please increase the volume output in
    the next version. Thanks for the effort 😉

  157. murali mrl

    Thank you for u r reply can i have your number….

  158. Ivan Krznar

    please release this for nokia 5230 RM 588..tnx dude…

  159. Srujan Sujju

    hello my Nokia 5230 has RM-588 and Ver 50.0.001 ,plz release anna OS for compatible  with my phone. thank Q 🙂     

  160. Mujtaba Siddiquee

    same problem with me help please i have re-downloaded the package but still having same problem

  161. Mujtaba Siddiquee

    how did you install it? im getting an error that says RM-504_32.0.007_prd.rofs2.V20 doesn’t match

  162. mani vignesh

    i don’t know how to install tat in ma mobile someone help me…….

  163. Anonymous


  164. Anonymous

    why when I add thai language in roft2 and flash,it fine.
    but when i chang phone language to Thai Language i can’t open messaging in 

    menu(but i can open messaging and read thai sms when i rechange phone 

    language to English)

  165. Inderpal Singh Shingari

    is it possible to uninstall this Cfw from my Nokia 5530?

  166. dwideep adhav

    can i flash this on nokia 5233

  167. Fakhre

    How to Flash Symbian Belle on Nokia

  168. Fakhre

    I don’t think so!

  169. Fakhre

    Its a custom firmware, errors are expected!

  170. Fakhre

    Pls check again your firmware version!

  171. zeyaan khan

    please send a link to nokia 5230 RM 588
    version 50.0.001 npkia india with english maual

  172. alamdar m

    i have already installed  v50.0.001
    my phone is …5230…….
    can update to symbian anna?……if i can ?…plz tel to instal..?..symbian anna into my phn…..
    i have 65 mb memory free on my phn?……..

  173. alamdar m


  174. Ayushman Behara

    never, it’ll not support infact it will burn ur chip processor

  175. Anonymous

    sir pls help me install my symbian anna to my 5800… pls…. kindly pls..

  176. Fakhre

    Video Tutorial: How to Flash Symbian Belle on Nokia –

  177. garg

    can i install it on 5800 xpress music version RM-356 52.0.007????

  178. veli saner

    How will establish qt. Please add files to qt. Nokia 5800 XM

  179. Abhijeet Nazar

    From the below comments, seems I cannot use it with Nokia 5230 RM 588..
    If I use it and something goes wrong. can I revert to my original firmware 50.0.001 RM 588?

    Thanks in Advance!!1

  180. Sairam Iyer

    if i install d above specified software for my nokia 5230 rm-588 wil my mobile crash ? pls reply

  181. Kelvin Ebreo

    please give a tutorial for X6. thanks very much! 🙂

  182. Achilles Gidung

    this is very nice firmware.try to connect to wireless conection ,its connected BUT i cant browse the internet.. so how??? i try to flash to other firmware its not done.. and my pnohe is dead..  so disappointed…

  183. Emerson Albuquerque

    Fakhre, I’m trying to change lang to pt-br and I need to know which firmware and rm from C6 was used as base. Can you tell me these informations ? thanks :))

  184. Bán Bence

    I have a problem: I installed it as instructed, and the phone now looks similar to what is in the video, but:

    1. It’s slow. Like, really slow.
    2. S^3 apps still can’t be installed.

    The phone is a nokia X6 (RM-559). Any tips or suggestions?

  185. Mark andrew Pablo

    is there a video tutorial on how to install this CFW??

  186. Fakhre

    Video Tutorial: How to Flash Nokia N8

  187. gunjit singh

    i have a nokia x6 , i checked everything , and my phone is fully compatible with the cfw……but what i wanted to ask is that wether it has english laguage or not , cuz i don’t know anything about spanish !!!! please reply as soon as possible….

  188. Izamir Ridzwan

    why when i connect facebook, it always use touch fb.. its so slow when using touch fb.. before i upgrade to this cfw it use… any suggestion..??

  189. Karthikeyan Vedi

    Can U make this available for C5-03  with V20.0.024

  190. Mohammad Khizer Khan

    will this enable multi touch on 5800…

  191. Anonymous

    hey bro. is nokia symbain software available for nokia X6. if this software available so tell me hurry bro and send it to me on my e-mail. thanks bro.

  192. Aniruddha Thakur

    I followed all the steps to install this CFW on my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic V 52.0.007 (RM-356). But, when I click “FLASH” in the JAF Emulator, I get the following message in its “Status and Results” box:
    “Error reading phone init data…”
    Please do tell what can be the problem?

  193. Reyzal Mysterio

    I am very very interested with this custom firmware..but I cant try..please release this custom firmware for RM-588 v50.0.001
    release it..then you’ll get all the best for ur life….ameeennnn  🙂

  194. Thomas White ✔

    Can I install this on my N97?
    Software Version: V 10.0.012
    Custom Version: V
    Type: RM-505

  195. Erikas Bebechas

    Hi, Can I install it on Nokia 5530 (v40.0.003) RM-504 ?
    And could I possible come back to original version of symbian s60v5 ?
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


    i have nokia x6 8gb RM-559 sw version-31.0.004 custom version-
    can i install symbian anna in it?

  197. Maaz Ahmed

    I have a problem by using anna. there is a problem in bluetooth connection.

  198. Shashank Revankar

    Hi Fakhre, your firmware works wonderfully. But I made a mistake. After using it for months together, I updated the phone software to via nokia suite. 🙁
    Now my phone is bricked.
    How can I revert it back?

    Is your firmware rofs2 file compatible with
    Please help me.

  199. Pranav Srinivas

    link not available ??

  200. Maaz Ahmed

    Great but problem in bluetooth, when i connect my bluetooth stereo hand set (nokia BH-503) and play song then my 5530 turn off. Please this solve this problem. 

  201. Anonymous

    Hi, I have the Nokia X6 and a few days ago I performed the update from RM-551 v32.xx to RM-551 v40.xx, I hear some comments that I can’t use any CFW, does anyone has a possible solution for my problem?

  202. Dominic D'souza

    installing this had made my phone slow..amd qt apps also dont install..pls help

  203. Fakhre

    Yes, you can flash it!

    Note:- As I said its still dangerous to flash device with custom firmwares!

  204. Fakhre

    We are going to post a updated CFW very soon, you can try that to see if your problem get resolved!

  205. Sabarish Dhavamani

    pls tell for nokia c5-03 RM-697

  206. Shaahin Shemshiyan

    Is it possible to install on Samsung i8910 omniaHD?tnx

  207. Fakhre


  208. Hammad Javaid

    plz tell me i want to install nokia orignal firmware for my nokia 5530. i install 40.0.3 firmware from navifirm. but this not good firmware. iwant to install previous firmware 32.0.7 that is nokia provider. plz tell me how can i install this.

  209. Fakhre

    Please contact your local Nokia Care center for degrading the firmware!

  210. Tristan Hagemann

    can ist work on x6 v40 ?

  211. Mahesh

    I have flashed my nokia x6 with anna v7..and when i add any contact to favourites ,it doesnt display any of my favourite contact..i can view all the other contacts..and also may issues with caller id..when a call comes no name is displayed..only the number…
    more to that…when i open nokia store(ovi market) when i browse to apps…it comes with the msg memory full ,close some apps…when i dont have any apps open…
    really frustrated with the phone…
    any solutions…???

  212. bukhari_style1988

    i hope c6-00 is the next to have a flash symbian anna…really hope to have it 🙁

  213. Keshav Poudel

    Its great but my wireless stop working…while iam trying to connect it will say connecting forever but doesnot connect even i’ve entered passkey. Suggest me the solutions???

  214. ALI

    i have nokia 5800 with latest firmware 60.03 , can i update this custom fw on my phone . plz tell me

  215. Fakhre

    Check the RM !

  216. Fakhre

    Please Update to v7.5

  217. János Nagy

    Invalid download link for nokia 5800 RM 356…..

  218. Cristian Gómez

    HI guys, i just installed this and I see that now I can select ringtones from ‘Ringtone folder’ but I don’t now where it’s placed physically, can you help me with that? Thanks

  219. Cristian Gómez

    It’s working already, I’m spanish speaker and download the cfw from here [1] and follow this instructions to install it [2]. Works like a charm (I hope google translate can help you)


  220. Gaddafi Innusah

    I have a N5800 XM with RM-356 with V60.0.003. How do I install this CFW? 

  221. Geemal Heenatigala

    download & install jaf & Nokia phoenix service software 

  222. Nishanth 666

    Please reupload the custom firmware links

  223. Fakhre

    As we always say – Installing Custom Firmware is Dangerous.

    Pls take it to Nokia Care!

  224. Rohit Palit

    In no way you can/should even try to flash with different RM files. The phone will boot without connectivity in the best case.

  225. Prince Gee

    Please i have a Nokia 5230 RM – 588, Can i please get any custom firmware for my mobile phone?

  226. Akash Kalghatgi

    hey wen i select my fone model , the use ini is automatically unticked
    also while flashing it showa couldnt backup crt , and error in reading init data
    any solution?

  227. Vahe Beglaryan

    Hi I really really need some help here. After I updated with the new Symbian anna, I marked one of my contacs as Favorite, now it’s been already a week and I am having great trouble finding that contact in Contacts. Is this a bug or am I supposed to be looking somewhere I still haven’t? 

  228. sanjay chichadwani

    hey dude i can’t dowload cfw for nokia x6 RM-559. can u plz help me……

  229. Tuan Luong

    How about Nokia 5230 RM-593?? can i change the RM without any problems?

  230. Firzok

    my phone is nokia 5230 
    software version 51.0.002
    version date 19-10-2011
    RM 588

    PLEase tell me that can i do this update or not..

  231. Ðêvilish Søul

    i use nokia asha 200 handset.can i change the software and turn it to a symbian handset?

  232. Fakhre


  233. midhun cn

    my phn is c503.
    pls release for c503…….

  234. Szymon Sasin

    Anyone succeeded setting build in VoIP client?

  235. Christian Paul

     can i use another variants, i can’t find my variant code:0593493

  236. Christian Paul

    can i flash another variant? i can’t find my original variant!

  237. Arjun .U

    I installed anna v7.5 in my X6….It was my first time and I did it perfectly,,,,everything works perfectly…Now….you have to wait for….about 5-10 mins it takes a lot of time to boot….then hard reset your phone….if phone doesnt turn on remove battery and sim and ister it again and try installing the cfw again and wait……that’s what I did..and Now I am so happy with this cfw thing..YEAH 

  238. Sahil

    i put the 7.5 version anna in my nokia x6 rm-559……..everything is working fine bt i cant get the keybord on the phone so its impossible to msg or edit anything….pls help

  239. Sahil


  240. Kenneth Muigu

    working perfectly thanks alot

  241. ayari mohamed

    please i need this application for my nokia c6 00 RM-612 v12.01.12