Symbian Anna Custom Firmware v7.5 for Nokia 5800, 5530, 5230 & X6 (Video Added)

Symbian Anna Custom Firmware  for Nokia 5800, 5530, 5230 and X6 updated to version 7.5. The update brings bug fixes, new features and updated system applications. Supported languages English and Spanish Latino.

Changelog v7.5:

  • New RAM memory optimization (Exclusive)
  • Tap Unlock with notifications enabled
  • New Web Browser v7.3 with lower toolbar
  • New Install Server correcting problems when installing some applications
  • Desk with original transparent Widgets Symbian Anna (Exclusive)
  • Created with the latest firmware versions available for each model.
  • Built with the core of the Nokia N97 that allows better management of the RAM
  • Processor speed increased to 536 Mhz
  • Support for emoticons and symbols posts
  • Horizontal menu to full screen with the bar down
  • Integrated Ovi Maps 3.6 Final (Exclusive Version)
  • Language English and Spanish Latino
  • Pure optimized Nokia Sources
  • NOKIA built the new store STORE 1.16
  • New default theme courtesy of Symbian Anna @ aj23thememaster
  • Improved Sidebar improving much smaller space in all applications
  • Full QWERTY keyboard Symbian Anna
  • Image on and off the original Black NOKIA Symbian Belle
  • Tap Unlock unlock that increases memory performance and battery
  • Behavior of Lights rescheduled
  • Thorough cleansing of the firmware to get more free space.
  • But all the other advantages of the previous version



Those who could use

Who can not use

NOKIA 5230 RM-594v51.2.002All Nokia 5230 RM-594          Other RM
NOKIA 5530 RM-504v40.0.003All Nokia 5530

NOKIA 5800 RM-356 – RM-428v60.0.003All Nokia 5800

NOKIA X6 RM-559 – RM-551v40.0.002All X6 RM-559The RM-551 with version 40.2.002

 Update: New Video – Symbian Anna V7.5 on Nokia X6 

Download Here (Links updated on 1 Aug 2012)

Anna Symbian v7.5 – Nokia 5800  (New Link)

Anna Symbian v7.5 – Nokia X6 (New Link)

Anna the Symbian v7.5 – Nokia 5530 (New Link)

Anna Symbian v7.5 – Nokia 5230 (New Link)

More Help:


  • Installing custom firmware is extremely dangerous, Try this at your own risk!
  • Download Link Updated
  1. arif

    is thr any way to going back on  my old official fw after installing this ?

  2. Andre .

    And what about N97 Mini???

  3. Fakhre

    I think there is an option!
    Download the original firmware from Navifirm and flash your phone with it!

  4. Anonymous

    pooling phone not found what i do???

  5. Anonymous

    available in English?

  6. Gautam Hans

    Please make it for Nokia 5233 RM-625

  7. Sriram Y

    Hey dude wen ll made this for Nokia C6-00 till here so many fans waiting for anna …….

  8. tài trần

    My X6 is currently on 40.0.002

    Can i use this v7.5 for my fone ?

  9. Hemant Pokharel

    nokia had announced ANNA for s60v5 is dat true???

  10. sudhanshu vohra

    How to change language to english?

  11. Fakhre


  12. Fakhre

    Nop! – Its CFW

  13. Fakhre


  14. dhruv bedi

    can i install this on my 5230 rm-588 ??

  15. Fakhre


  16. Gaurav Malik

    this update will come for nokia 5235 (music) or not
    can i use 5230 update on 5235

  17. umesh pothu

    Hey My x6 RM-559 V40.0.02 is done by Anna 7.5 But the only problem is there is no keypad for typing Msgs,entering urls etc….so please findout a solution for this…….

  18. Mahesh Panjwani

    i have a x6 and i flashed my phone with anna v 7.5…there is an issue with the notification lights and also the major issue is with the keypad…THERE IS NO KE PAD…!!!
    please release an update for this….

  19. Rade Narancic

    works on 5800, thanks!!!

  20. Rade Narancic

    Hi, my “locked” screen is no longer showing (when I lock the phone, I cannot see the clock/date/Unlock button… and it worked until today)… it just shows normal homescreen but with low light. What can I do to fix this?

  21. Dilip Shenoy

    IS it possible to restore to operator firmware in Nokia 5530??  🙁  I flashed to Anna 7.5.. Sad i want the original firmware.. HELP!

  22. Fakhre

    Yes, You have to download the official firmware through NaviFirm and them Flash your device with it!

  23. sos

    i had flashed my nokia 5800 with anna version 6.2 and is working fine. i want to flash this new version i.e. anna 7.5 what do i do? should i flash directly or restore to original firmware and then flash it

  24. sos

    what do i do?
     for installing this version of anna 7.5 cause i have installed version 6.2 already.

  25. Fakhre

    You always update by flashing!

  26. Fakhre

    I think you should flash directly!
    Check the forum!

  27. Mahesh Panjwani

    dude even i am facing the same issue…did u find out the solution yet…?
    plz comment back…

  28. Mahesh Panjwani

    plz help me with the keypad issue…its missing…i tried 3-4 times..

  29. Hassaan Badar

    I need it for my Nokia 5230 RM-588. Plz update. Thanx in advance

  30. Firefighter

    Hello all, just to make sure, I could re-flash whenever I want right? Back to the original firmware.

    my phone is 5800 (RM-356) HK Red Variant 


    Hey there is problem on X^ no key pad & no calling option working

  32. hesham

    Gr8 , its so good  ,, But Can u help me installing More Language (i.e: Arabic) ………. ??

  33. tiago_sa_07

    Hi! Is there a way to translate the phone to portuguese? And most important, to have the t9 and qwerty in portuguese from Portugal? Thanks!

  34. Geemal Heenatigala

    Re flash agin

  35. Geemal Heenatigala

    how do u find the Phoenix folder from Nokia suit..sry foe ma bad English

  36. Anish Dighe

    this custom firmware is a piece of shit.. buy original phone.. its much more satisfactory than this motherfucking bullshit..! I am saying this because i’m a pro and i’ve leaned doing it officially.. its really a bullshit


    there is no keypad coming in X6 after flashing???

  38. Vans Note

    i have a nokia 5800 v52…i would like to flashing this CFW…what should i do???..should i update to v60..but i cant uptdate to v60..or ignore about update and continue the flashing…plez help me..wht should i do??????????

  39. Prince Gee

    Pls I have RM-588, can i use the CFW?

  40. Timothy

    I have an American 5800, model type RM-428, and flashed it to this because Nokia seems to have abandoned firmware updates for North America. I definitely like this firmware! There is a bug I’ve come across with the landscape keypad. When I’m typing a text message sometimes the screen blinks, like it detected an auto-rotate but then quickly canceled it. Sometimes this bug happens where it exits the text entry screen and I can’t get back in. I have to save to drafts and then re-enter the key entry screen. Also, where’s the Converter app?

  41. Muhummad Sohail

    If we Upgrade 5230 to ANNA…After some time can we degrade  to original firmware Symbian  V5 from Symbian ANNNA

  42. Adwait D Dhuri

    hey the cfw is awesome but there is a minor glitch the fm radio isnt working atall

  43. Fakhre

    Looks like the file hosting service has problems!

  44. アブリー オンズカ

    external download links:
    Found in nokialino forum

  45. Piotr Pietuchowski

    need a new link to download

  46. PhukJuu

    i have rm -593 nokia 5230-1c i cant use this?

  47. Alop Sutradhar

    Thanks Bro……………Its perfectly working…

  48. アブリー オンズカ

     no problem, I’ve been searching for it like crazy too ^^

  49. Rod Zagado

    dead links… how can I find external links cfw for nokia 5530 red-black???

  50. Salman Masihpour

    Please link it to Mediafire set X6

  51. vinay

    hi can i use tis on my nokia 5230 rm588 v51.0.002………..
    if not so pls give me the links r site from wr can i download tis anna v7.5 for my nokia 5230 v7.5…..
    plssssss currently im using loading edition anna v7……

  52. Yiannis Nikitopoulos

    Links are DEAD! Can you please upload new? Thank you.

  53. pratyush97


  54. edmond nikolla

    dead link for nokia x6 ples ad new

  55. manan shukla

    i hv nokia 5233 v51.1.002 can i use it????????????????

  56. Pedro Gouveia

    Put new Links

  57. Ankit Nanaji

    hey plz add a link for how to install  this firmware and add a new link cause the existing link is dead for nokia x6 v40.0.002 RM-559 reply soon

  58. محمد البشتى

    here is for 5800 & it,s workinggggggg

  59. Revenging

    where is the arabic language??

  60. Neeraj Bharwani

    updated with the anna 7.5……….can y=u help me how to add content in the new homescreen???

    and on flashing i got 80mb memory free….after installing ovi store it became 74.8mb……help me please

  61. Radu96

    The link it`s not working….

  62. Bobzkie Yutzxzkie Yuck

    can pls help me? i can’t find the download link for 5530?cn someone send me the link?so i can download it.tnx

  63. Shashi Shekhar

    link not working for x6, if external link plz update

  64. Fakhre

    Download Link Updated!

  65. Fakhre

    (Link Updated)

  66. Fakhre

    Download Link Updated, Please Download Now!

  67. Fakhre

    Download Link Updated, Please Download Now!

  68. Fakhre

    Download Link Updated, Please Download Now!

  69. Fakhre

    Download Link Updated, Please Download Now!

  70. Fakhre

    Download Link Updated, Please Download Now!

  71. Fakhre

    Download Link Updated, Please Download Now!

  72. Fakhre

    Download Link Updated, Please Download Now!

  73. Fakhre

    Download Link Updated, Please Download Now!

  74. Fakhre

    Download Link Updated, Please Download Now!

  75. IpuL SajaH

    im nokia 5530 XM-CWM User.. try flashing n SUCCESS!! without PROBLEM… BIG THANKS 4 U

  76. Himanshu Sharma

    Can i install this to my Nokia 5233 wth RM-625….plzzz tell me fast

  77. Marvin Luna

    For those x6 users who used this CFW, after you flashed it, do *#7370# this will restore all plugins of the firmware.. and also solves the problem of no keypad thing.. hope you get it.. +1 for this!

  78. Hazin Shereef


  79. Rakhman Nur Fitra

    web browser suddenly  closed after launch, any idea bro?

  80.  please i have download it but how will i use it to update my phone

  81. Victor Ahuwanya

    Try installing swype

  82. Victor Ahuwanya

    Ok. Just flahed my phone. X6 RM 559. No keypad when i finished.
    But then i hard reset my phone and VOILA 🙂 Keypad’s working perfectly. Thanks Symbian tweet :):):):):):

  83. kakus

    which apps are compatible with this firmware ?????


  84. Иван Зубов

    will multitouch be there

  85. ObinossoRTitu

    cud any one please tell me the procedure of how upgrade symbian40,02 to Symbian anna 7.5 for nokia x6 8gb

  86. ObinossoRTitu

     cud any one please tell me how upgrade symbian40.0.02 to symbian anna 7.5 for nokia x6 8gb

  87. Shahal Abdulrahman

    how yo install

  88. Omaid Aslam

    please share your experiance with me. i also wanna update to anna v7.5

  89. Barath Fizik

    thn hw u using ur mobile without keypad!!!!!!………..did u get the solution fr ths huh?????………….im gonna replace my os tats y asking dude

  90. LazeezK

    Mini qwerty keyboard looks weird. Plus “Favorite contacts” function is buggy.

  91. LazeezK

    On nokia 5800 Mini qwerty keyboard looks messy. 
    Favorite contacts function doesn’t work, e.g. cant delete contacts from it and it doesn’t show them on widget.

  92. Aaqil Hussaini

    Its Laggy In 5530 XM :/

  93. mady lloyd

    Actually,i am flashing my phone for the first time and i need some help so please help…
    i am flashing nokia 5800xm(rm-356) v60.0.003 with this symbian anna 7.5(downloaded from above link, the zip file has 6 files) 
    now, i extracted and copied all these files to c:program filesnokiapheonixproductrm-356
    and executed jaf and followed the procedure of flashing in order to flash my 5800 but in bb5 tab only three green lights are flashing but light regarding cnt is not flashing …. may i know the reason why it is not flashing …..reply soon and kingly suggest me a solution for this  

  94. mady lloyd

    hey…will you please tell me , from where i can find rofs3 file for the above cfw as the zip file for 5800 does not contain it

  95. rafaybakhtiar

    i want to flash my x6 but how to install symbian anna software.. plz help me?

  96. rafaybakhtiar


  97. Shoubhik Banerjee

    use navifirm to download the rofs3 file

  98. Shoubhik Banerjee

    hey this is pretty awesome.. just a request.. can u integrate a web bowser that as html v5 capabilities.. becuase if opera can make a browser with htmlv5 on nokia5800 i think it’s not impossible.. it’s software deficeint, not hardware deficient.. but this is pretty awesome anyways. great work.. thank you. works totally fine.. 

    for those who flash with jaf, i was having problems.. later realized i needed the rofs3 file.. downloaded that with Navifirm.. rest worked.. though i am not sure if rofs3 file made the difference.. but anyhow.. just mentioned..

  99. Saroj Mandal

    Is there enough files for flashing X6.
    dude please help i flashed and it is done correctly. at last the local mode came but when i start my phone it says “unable to retailor.”

  100. Omar Tahoun

    Guys after flashing everything is working but the phone is lagging more than ever … I don’t know why , please help me to make the cfw work faster , and i want the link for the blue N8 theme please ^_^

  101. Bvcoe Computers

     a hard RESET after flash solves x6 no keypad Problem…worked for me

  102. Stelios

    How can I change language on this particluar from english to greek or any other language???

  103. Stelios

    How can I change language on this particluar from english to greek or any other language???

  104. josephio

    HI,I have the same X6 in your video (compatible with the same FW). I installed this CFW one week ago and then I realized that the only videos it can play are the captured ones. I tried many programs to convert it, none of them worked.

  105. Angransey Gerard

     moi jai une version 51.0.002 pour nokia 5230 eske je peut installé la  version anna belle

  106. Shohidol Islam

    oh my god it’s too good I just flash my mobile
    there’s no problem
    i just flash and everything is ok
    now i m browsing my mobile with too fast
    ফ্লাস করার পর এখন আমার মোবাইল আরুও সুন্দর হয়েছে আরুও দ্রুত
    thanks @

  107. Regie Sena

    why my 5530 is not compatible with rar files pls help me

  108. Sujee R'yan

    guys can you tell me,In this update ,still have the  keypad problem??

  109. Rahul Dhiman

    nice work on nokia 5800 and i expected belle firmware for 5800 soon…..

  110. Abrar Ul Haque

    does it works on nokia c5-03 …it will be awesome if it works

  111. chintan mehta

    Getting only 20Mb of Ram.. causing ovi_store and browser to go out of memory.. Can i get more RAM?? I just love the other things of this CFW.. few more RAM will make it more adorable..

  112. Rakesh Tiwarekar

    This is working gr8. Nicely optimized for speed absolutely no problems found even nokia maps works fine….highly recommended if you are bored of ur default firmware 

  113. Vishwajeet Kundu

    please update the links. I want to install for Nokia X6.

  114. Joey Julius Ty-Farma

    link for 5800 is not working

  115. xFrapz

    fix the links

  116. Shashi Kujur

    Please update the link……………

  117. Fakhre

    Link Updated

  118. Fakhre

    Link Updated

  119. Fakhre

    Link Updated

  120. Fakhre

    Link Updated

  121. Fakhre

    Link Updated

  122. Tobias Ernst

    Thanks a lot! I did *#7370#, flashed this to my 5800, then did another *#7370#, and another restart. Works so far, but when I launch the browser it just quits after a second, the same for Nokia Store. My only internet destination is Wi-Fi. Internet connectivity works (e.g. Software Update) works. What can I do stop the browser from crashing? Could it possibly be related to the fact that I have no memory card inserted? My final goal is to get Angry Birds working on the 5800 to give it to my daughter so that she won’t come to borrow my 808 all the time ;-). Will it work?

  123. Dharmendra Kannaujiya

    i dont have phonix folder in nokia suite plzzz help me….

  124. Vipul Verma

    i dont have any pheonix folder in pc suit

  125. why its corrupted help guys.. >.<

  126. Harsh Jain

    thankx man
    this installed and worked great

    i was hoping if instructions could be in english rather than japanese
    i had to use

    but its great who ever did this hats off man

    i was hoping for symbian belle for Nokia 5800 if possible
    mail me at

  127. Heitor Da Silva Caldas

    Because nokia x6 can not be updated in version 40.2.002 being? It has no way of being in this update version?

  128. Aks Veerapen

    How to remove a contact from favourite ?????

  129. Alfred Caleon Santos

    hi please help me how to install it!!!

  130. Abhisek Pal

    Hi, did you find any solution?? I’m also facing the same issue.

  131. Παύλος Δρίβας

    My 5800 is not properly recognized from the phoenix software and I cannot flash it. It shows as (in product code) Ukraine red or Brazilian red but it is not one of these types. I get the error message: CRC checksum of file RM-356_60.0.003_prd.rofs2.V16 does not match with the checksum in data-package.

  132. Nikhil


  133. Nikhil

    Installed a CFW…. its working fine… thanks a ton..!!

  134. Bernz

    Hey can you fix the link of cfw for 5230, the rar is crashed… its consist only about 20 mb. Thanks

  135. Bernz I had work link for 5230

  136. P_Saint

    hello, pls where is problem? nokia is in local mode ;(

  137. Vaibhav Verma

    Hey bro, i have nokia 5800 with rm 356 version i need help to get this done.

  138. Pranjal Rawat

    phoenix showing error “Neither DP1.0 nor DP2.0 was found for the product, or product cannot be identified” when changing product code……..
    what to do???
    please help fixing this problem

  139. AndyT-S

    I have solved this. Back up your contacts and any other data you need on your phone with Nokia Suite. Perform a hard reset by turning your phone off, Press and hold all three of these keys Green Phone Key, Red call-end Key & Camera Key. Press On button keeping all three other keys pressed down until the region selection comes up on your screen. Then it is safe to let go. The phone will have hard reset, you will have your keyboards and dial input pads. You will need to restore the contacts and other data you backed up and you are done. Thanks for this firmware. I have tried lots of different ROMs to make my old X6 do what I want it to do.

  140. Khalid Kaalz

    you should install Phoenix Nokia Suite first, then put the firmware in the folder product of Phoenix.

  141. Alejandro Medina Ortiz

    una duda yo instale nokia belle refresh en n8 puedo utilizar el mismo programa que instale en mi compu para instalar anna en 5530

  142. Manju Cm

    Please provide link for QT. I cant able to install Qt…………….
    Thanks in advance

  143. Timothy Tiongson Royupa

    Hey! I Like To Try This Firm Ware. But Im Doubting Because It Not Safe. Can You Help Me To Install this Firmware?
    Softwate Version: V 51.0.006
    Custom Version : 51
    Type: RM- 356

  144. Engin Çavuş

    Wht bout the problem that occured after flashing my phone to anna? The problem is, my browser automtcly switches off when i give a click…

  145. Faheem

    thanx…worked for me perfectly. but only problem is that shortcut key in nokia 5800 is now useless.

  146. tiga23

    do you know the lock code? it ask for ir if i try to restore de phone :s

  147. RaFy Alvarez Halil

    can u please give me the link fo nokia x6 because the link above tells 404 not found. thanks in advance

  148. redexsus

    gracias por tu Ayuda,….!!!!

  149. raj

    hey plz tell me how to down.plz ..??????

  150. asfand

    how u do it

  151. Akshay

    The RM of my nokia 5230 is 588. Can i be able to convert my ohone to symbian anna??

  152. Ummar Aliyu

    great job. keep up the good work. please kindly help me with the
    original firmware for Nokia 5800 express music v60.0.003, RM-356. if you
    have, because Nokia has banned the download of firmware using Navifirm.
    or if you have any idea on how/where to get it, please help me. my
    email is thank you.

  153. Nick Tiliakos

    what languages are included