New Version of Symbian Belle Leaked for N8! ( v111.030.0607 Dated 11 Nov 2011)

Latest version 111.030.0607 of Symbian Belle OS leaked for Nokia N8 and is available for download. The build version say date 11th November 2011,  means that this is the latest version of Belle OS till date.

Download Here

Symbian Belle v111.030.0607 (Euro)

N8 RC Belle Rofs 2 (Russian)

Java fixed and EQ fixed, extract to C drive: Java fix


  • Nokia N8 Belle 111.030.0607.02.01 Installserver hack Rofs2 an calibrate Core! Original RC!!!
  • Installserver rom hack Rofs2.
  • Calibrated Core.
  • Euro 3 languange pack: Czech, English, German, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak
  • A Russian languange pack: Bulgarian, English, German, Hungarian, Kazakh, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian

All files copy: “C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596”

Need Help :

Try at your own RISK!

[via, Thanks to Alex for the Tip]

  1. Bryan Hanson

    Does this release have an updated built in social application?

  2. Mohamad Nazri Mohd Noh

    I have two questions.. If I flash my phone to the updated Symbian Belle, do I really need to install the Russian language pack? Cause I’ll be using the phone in English. And, will my purchased software from Ovi Store be affected i.e. Joikuspot, BlackList Mobile etc.? Thanx 🙂

  3. Fakhre

    I don’t think so!

  4. Fakhre

    No, Just install the Euro one (The first link) – Yes the flashing will effect the installed apps – U need to re-install them!

  5. B.U.

    hey hi i want to know how to overclock NOKIA N8 from 680MHz to 772MHz help me with that thanks 😀

  6. Mohamad Nazri Mohd. Noh

    Thanx Fakhre 🙂 Oh.. Almost forgot.. I previously tried and tested the leaked Symbian Belle v111.020.0203 on my Nokia N8 (currently using Official Symbian Anna after downgrade). I found that the ‘vibrate’ feature on the previous version of Belle has only 3 levels (which was very weak and unnoticed when in loud areas). Does this Symbian Belle v111.030.0607 have similar issues as the previous version? Another BIG issue in Belle was memory on C: (Phone memory). An application called ‘Top Apps’ reside in the OS, does this version of Belle have ‘Top Apps’ integrated in the OS? Thanx 🙂

  7. Fakhre

    Hunn…, Will try to post that!

  8. Fakhre

    Well, the changelog doesn’t say that! 

  9. Aakash Chanda

    i tried to flash it but my N8 just went dead……. plz help

  10. TaNmAy

    can u tel me the procedure!!


    hey!  I m new to this. Can you plz tell me how can i downgrasde to orignal anna after (If) I updated to this belle.
    Kindly help

  12. Izan

    is this firmware has english language?I dont speak other language =.=”

  13. Fakhre

    Yes it support English language!

  14. Izan

    ok thanks..did u try this version?and can u provide me link how to downgrade to Symbian Anna..?

  15. محمد أحمد الخيري

    did you forget us!? Arabic people ?!!! we needs some thing in our language
    pleas ,give us this so we can all be a part of something new!!
    sincerely   ;
    m3alshahrani;; from Saudi Arabia
    find me on facebook if find a Arabic version of belle firmware

  16. jeebodhun kavish

    fakhre…. when i tried to flash my n8…it says that some…RM596_APE_ONLY_ENO_11w36_v0.161.fpsx  is to solve that????plz help

  17. Taimur Mughal

    hello fakhr bhai , i updated to belle version 111.020.0203 now when we updated to belle from anna wahan anna files replace kerni thi belle say now first i have to cope old belle files to that products folder and then replace them with these new files or same anna files ko in new belle files say replace kerna hay , plz help!

  18. Abhijit

     i’m using Symbian belle v111.020.0203. that firmware is smooth and stable with few bugs in it. So whats the improvement in this one? Change log please… or users views on this latest firmware.. 

  19. Anonymous This might help you Aakash Chanda. Good luck

  20. Anonymous

    hi, this have the spanish languaje?

  21. Chester Copperfield

    I couldn’t find any guides on the Web on how to overclock the N8 CPU. Is that possible?

  22. Sabino II Catcha

    Error Ape ONLY.fpsk is not found  please help me!

  23. Я-RAW

    it works again

  24. Izan

    Arghhh!!!SUCCESSFULLY FLASHED…is it  phone memory automatically formatted if flashed?

  25. Anonymous

    can u plz tel me how u downgrade to anna from belle…i also want to downgrade..plz reply

  26. Mohamad Nazri Mohd. Noh

    Hi there Fakhre.. I updated to Symbian Belle v111.030.0607 and may I say that this version is WAY much better than v111.020.0203. Vibrating function is superb (while typing and in the pocket when in loud places). Thought it took me quite awhile to flash it.. Tired of waiting for the REAL Belle to arrive to Malaysian shores. 🙂

  27. Amol Wadwalkar

    same error

  28. Mohammad Alshahrani

    that is all good ,but what about language,I mean Arabic language. I already have this version on my NOKIA N8 but still ,its in English ,if can help us to get an Arabic version we will be thankful.

  29. izzy egwu

    is this the OFW? or has it been tampered with?
    whats the free space on C: drive after flashing?
    i currently have v111.020… is it worth it to reflash to this version?

  30. Srinivasa Reddy Mallidi

    Hi Fakhre,

    Now i am using symbian Anna, I dont phoenix folder in the nokia folder in my computer.
    Please suggest how to upgrade to symbian belle in this case.



  31. Shiraz Sal

    you must use scandinavian version 11 fw from navifirm quality control and flash, it will accept. dont downgrade with anything else. 11.5 or 11.7 i think it was. then you flash back u to anna 25 or what ever.

  32. Amith Sharma

    i already have installed the leaked version of belle… do i upgrade to this one……do i need to degrade to anna or continue with leaked belle….

  33. usman ilyas

    I installed Belle FW in N8-00. During installation, a countdown started 24—-1 then a message appear FW flashing failed.
    Then i again flashed with normal Anna FW as well as BELLE. It shows this message
    Recoverying phone
    Scanning image files…
    ERROR: Unable to detect device 0x8401F145. Check USB connection
    Unable to flash phone 0x8401F121

    Firmware updating failed. To recover, follow these instructions
    Unsupported action request6 from firmware. Report an error  then it says Press OK
    Again same procedure starts…

    In the mobile, NOKIA logo appears three to four times and then mobile turns off. Please help me as soon as possible. Its my friend’s mobile. I will have to return in 3-4 days… Please help… 
    Muhammad Usman

    usmanilyas4u@hot/g/ / usmanilyas4u

  34. Anonymous

    thank u vry much

  35. Jevgenijs Vinogradovs

    I have one question regarding that Java fix.. how to put it on drive c? when i try to do it, i got message that it it write protected..

  36. jeebodhun kavish

    guys…can tell me in details how to apply the java patch?????????

  37. jeebodhun kavish

    guys can u tell me in details how to apply the java patch??????

  38. Aditya Aware

    When i m installing Belle it gives error
    is not found
    What can I do?

  39. Vaquero del Teclado

    Done! flashing! feels faster…
    109 MB free on C
    Then I delete COMUNICATOR, ADOBE , OFFICE, FSECURE, SHAZAM i got 143 MB free

    then I setup my GMAIL and I got now 128 MB free on C

    Feels Faster, I will tryit more this days.

  40. Fakhre


  41. Anonymous


    start phoenix
    choose no connection
    open product
    wait until it’s ready´
    FLASHING (bar)
    firmware update
    click the usbflash dead phone
    choose your product code
    u can downgrade the phone to symbian 3 with this method

  42. ELDEN

    at least writing arabic