Nokia Belle Update Officially Released for Nokia N8, X7, E6, E7, C7 & C6-01

Good News, We just got the confirm report that the much awaited Symbian OS update Nokia Belle is officially live and available for download to Nokia N8, X7, E6, E7, C7 and C6-01 users.

We have also checked the Belle update is live for Nokia X7, E6, N8, E7, C7, C6-01 device over NaviFirm. 

  • Belle update for N8 is live for:- Middle East Countries
  • Belle update for C6-01 is live for:- Middle East Countries and  Hong Kong
  • Belle update for C7 is live for:- Hong Kong, Argetina and Middle East Countries
  • Belle update for X7 is live for:- Hong Kong, India and Middle East Countries
  • Belle update for E7 is live for: Austria, Argetina, Hong Kong, India and Middle East
  • Belle update for E6 is live for:- Argetina, Bangaldesh, Belgium, Brazil, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Russia and Middle East Countries.

It looks like the Belle update is rolling out eventually.


You can now update your Anna device firmware only by using Windows PC applications  Nokia’s Software Updater or Nokia Suite. All Symbian^3 devices have UDP (User Data Preservation), but its always good idea to backup all of your personal data before updating the device firmware.

Note: It may take some time before the new firmware is available for your region.

If you find anything new, let us know in your comments. 

[Thanks to Luboš for Tip]

  1. Jill Dasani


  2. Sujjad Pasha

    am trying to update … but no updates are available

  3. Anonymous


  4. waseem nair

    in witch country he have released 

  5. shubham patel

    hey can u pls post the links to download the firmware files from pheonix

  6. Vijai Prabhu


  7. Tom Barud

    looks like balkan variant appeard on navifirm

  8. Anonymous

    Yeah,It’s available in INDIA…

  9. Peter Blaho

    On this picture is Czech version. In Slovakia I didn’t see any update for now.

  10. Bhavesh Budhkar

    not yet for C6-01 in INDIA

  11. Markus Svellingen

    What about Norway and Europe??

  12. Faisal Iqbal Haider

    no updates available for C6-01 In Pakistan.

  13. Prashant Sharma

    i just install on my nokia India,Lucknow…it 302 mb fine

  14. Prashant Sharma

    i just install on my nokia c6-01 in India …work fine …i m in lucknow it is about 302 mb..use nokia suite 3.3..enjoy

  15. Anonymous

    can someone tell me if its out for the product code 0599255 for Nokia N8. At office right now and cant check and the software update doesnt show anything

  16. Luis Eduardo Paguay Torres

    esperemos que mañana llegue a españa!

  17. Anonymous

    what is your product code?

  18. M.A. Maksoedan

    The Netherlands Europe, no updates yet local time 11:33 am

  19. Bhavesh Budhkar

    i have nokia suite 3.3.86…….still not showing for my c6-01 in mumbai, india

  20. Prabhakar Reddy

    what about India for N8

  21. Bhavesh Budhkar

     not yet available for my c6-01 in Mumbai, India

  22. Eugene

    no update available for E7 in philippines

  23. Ahmed El Sais

    not in Egypt yet

  24. Benji Marin

    Costa Rica has the update XD…

  25. Benji Marin

    Im updating right now in Costa Rica…. Hope you guys get it soon!!!

  26. Romans Šafarevičs

    at 1:20pm in Latvia update is ready for E6 model

  27. peter josh

    here in india no update is showing in my n8

  28. Karthik Rajendiran

    go to navifirm 1.6 to get the product codes

  29. Vasishta Nagalla

    No Nokia Belle update shown on Nokia suit for my Nokia N8 in India. I am from Andhra Pradesh.

  30. Luis Eduardo Paguay Torres

    instalando belle en españa!! ya esta disponible…

  31. piyushV

    mine  is 0599255

  32. Thailand Trade Office, Mumbai

    Its not available for this product code yet !!!

  33. Saad Tabbara

    Nothing for lebanon yet 🙁

  34. Peter Blaho

    Update for C7 is available in Slovakia in Europe. If nokia suite didn’t show update, try to turn off suite or kill nokia suite process and start it again. It help for me.

  35. Vasishta Nagalla

    product code 0599330 of Nokia N8 (blue) in india has not yet received official belle update yet .

  36. Hesham Abdelwahab

    Hey I enterd the noika suite and cheked for an update and didn’t find any update Iam In egypt my product code 059G6P0FS233P

  37. Francisco Javier Thevenin Alva

    Already updated on Dominican Republic!!!

    ISSUE on my N8: can not get conected to the internet (not wifi, no net packet data (3.5G). It says: “Connection faild: Acces denied”.

  38. Zerol Zaheerul

    update in progress

  39. Leon Makardich

    Hi am from Armenia and there is no update, my phone is Nokia N8 code No:0599387 plz help me

  40. Leon Makardich

    0599387 this is my product code and there is no update yet help me plez 

  41. Jit Kumar

    way we people not abl to get update for nokia n8anna

  42. M.A. Maksoedan

    !update done Yesterday @21.00h local time. Works like a charm but adding widget or shortcuts is a pretty annoying process. The digital clock takes too much space and icons are a whole lot smaller. IF possible NOKIA then put back the Anna clock. TNX

  43. Ahmad Faisol

    i have update my N8 at 8-02-12. but, i can’t see the video captured from videos app. why?
    the video captured file is save in DCIM folder, but if i move that video file to videos folder, videos app can view that video captured. there’s anyone can explain this why???

  44. r$ouljer boy tell em roshen

    thear is no belle update for x7 ,,i have try my best to up date my x7 rm-707 to belle if you know how to up date plzzzz tel me

  45. Anirudha Sharma

    my product code is 0599278. and there is no update for it.