Nokia Carla cancelled, Belle FP2 will be last update + N8 to get Belle FP1 & FP2 (Lite)

From a Nokia 808 Pureview launch event in Milan, guys over Nokialino have managed to get some information about the future of Symbian from Nokia marketing manager Mattia Fiorin.

Here is the transcript of info they got about Symbian from Nokia marketing manager Mattia Fiorin in a Q&A session at the event:

  • FP1 for N8 will be available soon, and will include, in particular, the updating of the browser to the new version 8.2 and Nokia Social.
  • The update will still be small compared to the official FP1, already available for the S^3 terminals that support it, adapted to the processor on the N8 (already exploited almost to the limit with the latest updates).
  • Probably there will be a minimal overclock the processor (as far as possible for ARM11 mounted on N8).
  • According Fiorin always, then, N8 will also FP2 (as Carla was  shelved ).
Well, there is a good news and the bad one – Good for Nokia N8 users as they are getting lite version of Nokia FP1 and FP2 updates and bad news is the next version of Symbian update codenamed ‘Nokia Carla’ has been cancelled.  Instead, Nokia will come out with Nokia Belle FP2.

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  1. Arjun Purohit

    just for N8 ??? what about C7 and other S^3 phones ???

  2. texturejunkie


  3. Ahmed Khaled

    Nokia said that she would support n8 until 2016 , didn’t it ?
    SO FP2 is the last update 🙁 🙁

  4. Nilesh Pithadiya

    hey…..what about C6-01??????????????????
    i want FP1and 2….
    this is not fair that only N8 have  update…

  5. RiteshC

    they dont have a GPU. The C7 and the others got a belle lite if you remember.
    Even N8 is getting a Lite version of FP 1.
    You cant expect other fones to get a ‘liter’ one

  6. navroze bomanji

    nokia said they would be supporting symbian not nokia n8

  7. gitano86

    You translated bad from itaian:Carla e Donna changed name in fp1 and fp2…but Symbian is supported for sure untill 2016, after 2016 could continue or not, isn’t possible predict future!


    without knowing how can u tell man,first check GSM arena for specifications of nokia c7. it is too having the same gpu,cpu just a change in camera module.n8 have 12mp carl zeiss,but noia c7 have only nokia EdoF lens.thats the difference.every S^3 1st edition will get these updates.and more over untill moders cannot do we cannot get those updates.