Testing Nokia N8 Gorilla Glass Screen

As we told earlier in our Nokia N8 Review – The anodized aluminium body & Gorilla screen glass makes the N8 the toughest smartphone available in the market. And now its time to test the N8’s Gorilla Glass screen with some tough stuffs like –  swiss army knife, coins, keys and a huge kitchen knife. Check out the video!

And yes you can try this !

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  1. Mike Macias

    Now that is impressive!

  2. Fakhre

    Mike are you sure you are going to try this ;D

  3. David Castro

    you can scratch the n8 screen, i have fine abrassion on mine, from 2 weeks of use, i recommend using screen protector.

  4. Bill Brian Benitez

    I tried the coin and a key just to impressed my colleagues at the office… at first ive kind of hesitated but i tried it anyway.. and damn this gorilla glass is tough! i even let them try.. they cant scratched it.

  5. Fakhre


  6. Fakhre

    You should read Bill’s comment ;D

  7. SuzieDsouza

    He’s going a little bit too easy on it I think. When will it start to show scratches? You have to dig in a bit, cut cut cut, use a breadknife. Put on some mountain climbing shoes and do the moon walk on it. Put it on the asfalt face down and run over it with a SUV. If it survives that I’m impressed. Then you’d have to go even deeper and take out the blender and the lawmover. Something’s gotta take down that gorilla glass.Does it come from outer space? When did exactly aliens delivery this material to Nokia?Well I’m a little bit impressed. Gonna show this to my wife now, she’s a born cell-phone abuser.

  8. Fakhre

    Good Catch!