Video: Nokia 808 PureView 360p Lossless Zoom and Video Stabilization Demo

Folks over Hiblue have published a demo video showing-off the lossless zoom, touch focus and software video stabilization feature of Nokia 808 PureView smartphone, check out the video demo after break.

YouTube Link:

“Testing 360p 30 FPS, 12x lossless zoom and touch focus in a one-take video using the pause feature. (The 808 is capable of 1080p but the zoom feature is reduced in this mode.) In this video you can see the limits of software stabilization but it’s potentially useful from quick YouTube uploads.

This video uncut and unprocessed apart from: Recompression to 3.3Mbps 720p H.264 plus titles and terrible terrible audio track!”

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  1. Dan Matei

    yes is awesome… the zoom is astounding in 360p