Video: Nokia Belle FP2 leaked on RDA? (Symbian Donna)

Nokia has already confirmed Belle FP2 update for its second generation Symbian^3 devices. Well, here is an interesting video demonstrating the pre-release version of Belle FP2 (Symbian Donna) update running on Nokia 701 smartphone at RDA, Nokia Developers. The transition effects, new swipe-unlock feature, the new UI and keyboard layout looks cool. Checkout the video after break.


YouTube Link:

“Video of nokia belle Fp2 leaked pre-release on RDA (Remote Device Acces). This is the reason of the lag in the video, is an OS emulator by nokia for developers. Some of the new things to come on Fp2 are on the video. Is a quick review of it.

+On Fp2 We’ll see:

  • New swipe-unlock.
  • New transition effects.
  • New camera UI.
  • New navbar.
  • New widgets.
  • New qwerty keyboard (predictive).
  • New image editor.
  • New web browser.
  • New galery.
  • New music player (pause/resume button on notification bar). Etc…

[Video by, Via MNB]

  1. Kishan Gor

    It’s not Nokia 808. Maximum resolution available is 8 MP. Maybe 701?

  2. Fakhre

    Thanks dear,,,, Updated!

  3. Ligia De Jesus

    servira para N8???

  4. Janne Haapakoski

    Must be leaked from Finland `cause operator is DNA

  5. Bouncy Ola

    is FP2 leak for n8 came yet ?