Video: Nokia Lumia 620 vs ZTE Blade 3 – Comparison


Knowyourmobile have shared a detailed video review, comparing two entry-level smartphones currently available in UK market- Nokia Lumia 620 and ZTE Blade 3. The video compares the design, build, display, specifications, user interface and camera between the smartphones. Check out the video after break and find out which one is best for you.

“Nokia Lumia 620 and the ZTE Blade 3 are two cost effective phones running different operating systems. The Blade 3 is just £69 here in the UK while the Lumia 620 costs £150. Both great in there own right, enjoy the video and hopefully it’ll help you figure out which is right for you.”

So, which one will you prefer? The Lumia 620  or the ZTE Blade 3. Let us know in your comments below. 


  1. Michael King

    Not really a fair comparism, It should have been between the Lumia 610 which is a similar pricepoint right now, The winner would have been the ZTE in that case but obviously at £169 the Lumia 620 is a higher spec phone. For teh price though I am now thinking of getting a ZTE Blade 3 to keep me going before I get my Nexus 4 later this year, still yet to be convinced by the windows OS, as great as the hardware is by Nokia and HTC