Belle FP1 vs Belle FP2 on Nokia 808 PureView (Videos)

As you might aware of the news, Last week Nokia accidentally triggered the Belle FP2 update for Nokia 808 PureView smartphone, which get pulled-off later. But some lucky users succeeded in downloading and flashing their 808 with the Belle FP2 files. Well, folks over at SymbianKu has posted side by side comparison video, comparing the new features and improvements of Belle Feature Pack 2 update with Belle Feature Pack 1 running on Nokia 808 PureView smartphones.

Part 1:

YouTube Link:

In the first video, there are seven reform and improvement in the NOKIA BELLE FEATURE PACK # 2 , namely:

  • 1 – lockscreen Info (information display on-screen lock mode)
  • 2 – homescreen Toolbar (there are 4 icons versus 3 in FP1)
  • 3 – New Widgets (added a new widget on homescreen)
  • 4 – Pop-up Menu (fills the screen & easy finger reach)
  • 5 – Gallery (can select multiple photos and support mode ‘landscape’)
  • 6 – Photo Info (detailed information about a photo in the gallery)
  • 7 – Reset to Default Options (at the interface of the camera and video)

Part 2:

YouTube Link:

This in turn changes NOKIA BELLE FEATURE PACK # 2 on the second part of the video:

  • 8 – New Music Player App (the difference at the interface, tab & swipe)
  • 9 – Status Bar (providing essential keyboard shortcuts in the application)
  • 10 – Qwerty Keyboard (more user-friendly with the proposed predictive text)
  • 11 – Notes (no function ‘save’ and ‘cancel’ when typing notes)
  • 12 – Radio Buttons (renewable)
  • 13 – Nokia Music (enjoy the song from the internet in the online-streaming ‘)
  • 14 – Web Browser (version 8.3.2 enhanced & more friendly HTML5)
  • 15 – Install As Application (and create ‘app bookmarks’ menu)
  • 16 – Send Button (keyboard shortcuts budge on ‘messaging’)

[By SymbianKu]


  1. Mahesh

    nice.. hope it eill be out by this month end.. got any ideas when it will be out?