‘Nokia AIR’ – Cloud Storage service by Nokia coming soon? (Leaked Video)

Here’s a pretty interesting Nokia promo video we managed to find on Vimeo, the video is named ‘Nokia AIR’ having ‘company confidential’ watermark on it. The video shows-off some pretty cool concept Tablet and Phones. According to the video ‘Nokia Air’ is a type of cloud storage and sync service that allows you to access your data and services anytime anywhere.

UI looks like for Symbian or MeeGo – Running all Nokia services in cloud.

No more menus, all things go on homescreen and are online synced with cloud.

New notification menu and more!

Nokia AIR from Ben Peckett on Vimeo.

  1. Sarmad Al-Kufaishi

    WOW! is that Meltemi, MeeGo, Maemo alternative ?

  2. Hrishikesh Karnawar

    That’s An Awesome device!!!


  3. patryk samerdak

    Wow, it’s something like a ‘Cloud OS’ for mobile devices.

  4. GexN - Norbert

    I can’t watch video – it shows “If you have permission to watch this video, please type in your password.” message.

  5. Amitkumar Gaddikeri

    The OS shown is awesome & infact 10000000s of times better than Windows phone…. why dont Nokia make something like that & release it to market???

  6. Thomas F

    ti looks like Harmattan but perhaps without MeeGo…. If this is real Nokia is back from the dead. 🙂

  7. Thomas F

    I hope this is real, if it is it could bring Nokia back from the dead.

  8. Marley Fernandes

    well it’s simple… they have to first go through a lot so devices like that can make to the market… but ¬¬ i bet a device like that will ever came to the market… but if it really does came… they really need to take that black Bessel making it space for the whole LCD, taking the Nokia logo, sending it to the back, transforming it in a LED logo, then make the device slim like 6.5…there that’s something hat will never exist…(at least not from Nokia) i guess

  9. godwintgn

    nice…………….. i will wait for this

  10. Alex Ruppel

    As gorgeous as this looks, it’ll never see the light of day. The majority of Nokia’s markets that are not marketed Windows Phone (South Asia, South America, etc.) would not be suitable for a cloud-based phone OS.

    Nokia has made the point several times that data compression and cost-control is an important factor in selling phones in these markets, and has catered to it with Nokia Browser on S40. The OS as described in this video would no doubt be using tons of data constantly ferrying information back and forth from the cloud. At the same time, it would be a shame if your phone lost a lot of functionality if you travelled into a roaming area and lost cheap connectivity. It could also be relentless on the battery life of the phone. 
    One of the excellent features of Symbian is that it makes you very aware of data usage through permissions, I think a lot of Symbians users may not trust their phone to use the right judgement in opening and closing connections. I have a tough enough time keeping my N8 from accessing WiFi in coffee shops and then having no connection because it’s using an un-authenticated Wifi connection. 

    Even if this was marketing in Europe and North America, there is no more room for new ecosystems, and no new room for ecosystems at Nokia. Improvements yes, as seen with Asha Touch, but nothing staggeringly new. 

    It’s a pretty video though, but that’s really about it. The most fortunate thing about the partnership with MSFT, besides being part of a ecosystem that is being backed, is that Nokia will be able to continue their excellent tradition of industrial design. 

  11. Tomi Korkalainen


  12. Ashok Soni

    Lol.., it’s just a concept nothing else.. Don’t ever think about it that this will be a reality one day coz it won’t. Luxus is a company that even I’ve worked with in the past. When they bid
    for work they routinely bring videos like “Nokia Air” to wow the
    marketing manager or product planner who will, at the end of the day,
    cut them a big fat check and Ben Peckett works for Luxus so you can easily make up the connection here., it’s just a marketing video luxus trying to impress Nokia.. This is not anyhow related to Nokia at all.. Wake up guys.. 😉